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  1. Letting Go — dConstruct Audio Archive

    Design (or if you prefer—user experience) is at a crossroads. In our globalized, hyper-connected world, users no longer need to wait for us to create experiences for them. As we debate the value of design thinking, the usefulness of the next API, or strive to craft the ultimate cross-platform experience—users are sorting this out on their own, using whatever service or technology is “good enough” for them at the time.

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  2. Playing the Web: How Gaming Makes the Internet (and the World) a Better Place — dConstruct Audio Archive

    The games industry has cracked it: the holy grail of stickiness. Games’ inherent playfulness has built Pong from a bedroom coder’s conundrum into a multi-billion dollar industry. But ask a game designer about the human-computer interaction or the user interface design in their AAA title, and they’ll think you’ve gone mad.

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