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  1. Art of Charm: Banter

    Banter is a playful, lighthearted conversation between two strangers to ease the tension of getting acquainted. In this episode we’re primarily discussing how to use it to chat up someone you haven’t met before.

    There are three traits or aspects of your personality you’ll be highlighting when using banter: your playful side, your lack of need for others’ approval, and your sexual side.

    1. Your Playful Side You open the conversation with this side of you. Ask your romantic interest a question like “What are you drinking?” or “Who are you here with?” or “Why are you out tonight?” A who, what, where, when, why, or how question is a good opener.

    When they answer, come back with something playful. If you ask her what’s drinking and she says “cosmo,” tell her it’ll never work between you because your last girlfriend drank cosmos and she was a lush. Make it playful; smile with your lips and your eyes when you respond and you’ll put her at ease and give her a role to play.

    1. You Don’t Seek the Approval of Others This part of bantering comes next and it’s done by misinterpreting what is said to you.

    Again, smile with your eyes and your mouth when you respond to let them know you’re being silly and playful — yet you are your own person who isn’t reliant on the approval of others. But be careful of overcompensating — there’s a fine line between a charming rogue and a boorish try-hard.

    1. Sexual We’ll let you learn directly from the AoC coaches during the show for this one.

    Those are the three traits and the order in which to highlight them. You’ll want to practice these to get good at them; banter is definitely a muscle to be used daily. An improv class is a great way to practice banter, and so is chatting up people you interact with every day.


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