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  1. Lady to Lady EP. 167 “Disney Beard” ft. Rachel Bloom

    Guests: Rachel Bloom Rachel Bloom (@racheldoesstuff, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) joins the ladies to discuss amusement parks, guns, Israel, song writing, Hamilton, winning awards, breast reductions and more! Produced by Lindsay Pavlas and David Janove, booker Marie Colette, theme song Zach Ames.

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  2. The Flop House: Episode #200 - Nothing but Trouble

    It’s the moment we promised would never happen: we watched Elliott and Dan’s stated least-favorite movie of all time, Nothing but Trouble. (Don’t worry – despite Elliott’s joking claim that if we ever did this film it would be our last, this is NOT our final episode). And to help us out with this special MAX FUN DRIVE episode (donate!), we welcome self-proclaimed minor television celebrity, Mr. John Hodgman. Meanwhile, Elliott breaks out his “Jane Campion accent, Stuart reveals his popcorn secrets, And Hodgman joins in at making fun of Dan’s pronunciation.

    Movies recommended in this episode:

    The Sting Witchtrap Broadcast News The Housemaid

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