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  1. Tim Chang on the Rise of Transformational Tech

    Tim Chang is a polymath, a longtime Burner, an accomplished musician, and a forward-looking VC who invests in the positive side of technology. As Managing Director of Mayfield, Tim blends his background in engineering and business development with a customer-first approach to supporting breakthrough products and services. I’ve worked with Tim several times — and I’m always inspired by our interactions. Listen in and get a taste of Tim’s mind-expanding ideas about how to create deeply engaging experiences.


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  2. Podcast #461: The Spartan Regime | The Art of Manliness

    For thousands of years, the Spartans have captured the imaginations of Westerners. In ancient Greece, the city-state was admired for its military prowess, civic unity, and dedication to leisurely athletic pursuits. Today, we make movies about Spartans and name sports teams after them. When we moderns think of Spartans, we typically think of them simply …


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  3. Podcast #455: How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine | The Art of Manliness

    How you start something is often how you finish it, and that couldn’t be truer than for the trajectory of each of your days. When your mornings feel chaotic, rushed, and fragmented, the rest of your day often does too. But when you start off with a centering, invigorating morning routine, that feeling follows you …



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  4. thive

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  5. Podcast #450: How to Make Time for What Really Matters Every Day | The Art of Manliness

    Do your days seem like a continuous blur of busyness, and yet you don’t seem to get much done, nor remember much about how you spent your time? As a former employee of Google, my guest today worked on the very apps and technology that can often suck away our time. Today, he’s dedicated to …



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  6. Podcast #443: What Building Your Own Coffin Teaches You About Life, Death, and Meaning | The Art of Manliness

    When David Giffels was 50 years old and completely healthy, he decided to build his own coffin with his 81-year-old, master craftsman father. Why? Well, I ask him that on today’s podcast. David Giffels is a writer who previously published a book of essays about growing up in the Rust Belt of Ohio in the 1970s. That title is called The Hard Way on Purpose. In his latest book, Furnishing Eternity: A Father, a Son, a Coffin, and a Measure of Life, he recounts the experience of building his own coffin with his father and the lessons about life, aging, and death that he picked up along the way.

    We begin the show discussing why many in the Rust Belt live by the motto, “The Hard Way on Purpose,” and how it manifests itself in their undying loyalty to their sports teams that come up short year after year. We then shift gears and discuss David’s project of building his own casket with his dad, the expectations he had going into it, and why lying in your own coffin is, unfortunately, not as profound of an experience as you’d think it would be.

    Show Highlights

    The character of the Rust Belt 

    Ohio’s relationship with their losing sports teams 

    The difference between losing and almost winning

    Why David decided to build his own coffin 

    How the fates intervened in David’s exploration of mortality 

    How the project changed after David’s mother and close friend died in short succession 

    What’s it like to lose your parents and see them in decline

    Were any life lessons imparted by David’s dad during the building of the coffin?

    Why David didn’t get the epiphany he expected when lying down in his coffin

    Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

    The Hard Way on Purpose

    Baker Mayfield’s impression of John Dorsey

    What Every Man Should Know About Losing a Loved One

    5 Ancient Stoic Tactics for Modern Life

    Begin With the End in Mind

    On Losing Dad


    Connect With David

    David on Twitter 

    David’s website

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  7. Podcast #444: How to Use the Procrastination Equation to Start Getting Things Done | The Art of Manliness

    Procrastination can be a big stumbling block to our success in life. If you’re a student and you put off studying to the last minute, you might not do as well on a test. If you wait to start saving for retirement until you’re in your 40s, you lose out on the power of compound interest.

    We know that we need to do certain things sooner, rather than later, but we don’t. Why?

    My guest today is Dr. Piers Steel, and in his work and his book, The Procrastination Equation, he’s distilled all the research out there on procrastination into a kind of formula that explains why we put things off. Piers explains why his approach to procrastination is different from that taken by many psychologists, and what they often get wrong about its root causes. He then digs into the different components of why we procrastinate, as well as actionable advice on how you can mitigate these issues and start getting more stuff done.

    Show Highlights

    Defining procrastination 

    The problems with assigning psychological causes to procrastination

    The real reasons people put things off

    How procrastination really affects your life 

    The 3 elements of the “procrastination equation” 

    The ways that expectations (of both reward and consequence) play into our procrastination 

    Can you ever fully beat procrastination?

    So, how do we go about mitigating procrastination?

    Why you actually want your tasks to be a bit challenging

    What if you have a genetic predisposition to procrastination?

    Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

    How to Finally Beat Procrastination

    Overcoming the Resistance by Turning Pro

    Self-Efficacy and the Art of Doing Things

    How to Forge True Self-Confidence

    Self-Discipline and Effectiveness

    10 Overlooked Truths About Taking Action

    Work When You Work; Play When You Play

    SMART goals

    The Power of Habit


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  8. Peter Thiel on Trump, Gawker, and Leaving Silicon Valley (Full Interview)

    Peter Thiel (entrepreneur) joins Dave Rubin to discuss creating PayPal, why he moved his company out of SIlicon Valley, political correctness, the changing media landscape, his company ‘Palantir,’ libertarianism, his views on Trump, his take down of Gawker, and much more.

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  9. 388 - Robert Cialdini [Anniversary Episode]: 7 Techniques To Influence Anyone Of Anything - Altucher Confidential

    I don’t know what level of influence I have in the world. I suppose my influence with a colleague or a comedian is different than with a podcast guest or my daughters.

    So in 2016, I stopped guessing. 

    And I invited the godfather of influence & persuasion on my podcast: Robert Cialdini.

    People call him when they need to become more persuasive. And by “people” I mean some of the most powerful politicians and CEOs in the world. Maybe it’s for an election, a big pitch, a marriage proposal. Maybe they just want to improve. 

    And Robert has so many tools to teach people about influence. He just told me about an upcoming training class he’s doing (open tot he public) in April 2019. And he also created this quiz with PBS: “Are you a sucker, or an influence master?”

    Back in 2016, this was the one interview I wanted my daughters to listen to most. Because the lessons Robert talks about are still some of the most critical lessons I’ve learned on my podcast.

    So I’m re-releasing it today.

    Here are 7 lessons I learned from Robert Cialdini (and the origially article I wrote after the interview):


    If I can tell my children to read one post of mine, it would be this post.

    Influence is how they will navigate a world of uncertainty.

    Robert Cialdini is the most influential person in the world. And by that I mean, he wrote the book, “Influence”, which sold 3 million copies and defines the six critical aspects of all influence.

    Now he has a new book, “Pre-Suasion“, going 10x deeper into the concepts of persuasion. I got him on my podcast so I can ask the 1,000 questions I have.

    Small story from the book: If you name a restaurant “Studio 97” instead of “Studio 17” people are more likely to tip higher.

    If you ask a girl for her phone number outside a flower store (triggering feelings of romance), she is more likely to give it to you than if you ask her outside a motorcycle store.

    And 500 other stories. The environment is just as important as what you say.

    Before the podcast began, I gave him a book as a gift: “The Anxiety of Influence”, a history of poetry.

    What would poetry have to do with influence and marketing?

    In all art, since the beginning of time, artists have built on the work of the artists the generation before them.

    Beethoven depended on a Mozart to be a Beethoven. Picasso depended on a Cezanne. Without Michelson, there would be no Einstein.

    But poets, for some reason, would deny being influenced. “I never even read Ezra Pound,” shouted one poet at a critic. Poets want to be seen as original.

    Nobody is 100% original. This is the anxiety of influence.

    Almost all of our decisions and even creativity are outsourced to the people around us who influence us: peers, teachers, religion, parents, bosses, etc.

    Our personality is our own particular mishmash of influences.

    How we deal with that anxiety, how we recognize the influences, learn from them, build from them, is the birth of all of our creativity.

    Let me summarize the seven aspects of influence:

    Reciprocity – if you give someone a Christmas card they will want to return the favor

    Likability – make yourself trustworthy. For instance, outline the negatives of dealing with you.

    Consistency – ask someone for a favor. Now they will say to themselves, “I am the type of person who does James a favor.”

    Social Proof – if you are trying to get someone to do X, show them that “a lot of your peers do X.” For instance, if you are at a bar and you are a guy trying to meet women, being your women friends and not your guy friends with you.

    Authority – “four out of five dentists say..”

    Scarcity – “only 100 iPhones left at this store!”

    Unity – you and I are the same because: location, values, religion, etc.

    I’ve used each of the above in business. They work. They will make you money.

    The entire purpose of language is to influence. We are not strong animals. We are weak. The language of influence saved us.

    Probably a word like, “Run!” was the first word spoken. A word of influence. And it worked. I’m still running from the things I fear.

    So speak to influence. Don’t speak to call a flower yellow. Speak to breathe spirit into an idea, to be enthusiastic, to convey emotion, to influence. This is the only way to have impact with your unique creativity.

    I gave Robert the book as a gift (“reciprocity”), assuming we would have a great podcast. And we did.

    But then I thought later, I can’t even remember how Robert got on my podcast. I highly recommended his book in the podcast and even in this post.

    As he got into his car after the podcast in order to go to his next interview, I started thinking, “Hmmm, who influenced who?”


    Links and Resources

    Read Robert’s book, “Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade“

    Read his New York Times business bestseller book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition”

    Check out Robert’s upcoming training class (open tot he public) in April 2019. Information is available at www.influenceatwork.com

    Take Robert’s PBS quiz “Are you a sucker, or an influence master?”

    Follow Robert on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

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