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  2. “This is Water” - David Foster Wallace

    This is the commencement address he gave to the graduates of Kenyon College in 2005.

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  3. Solitude and Leadership - The American Scholar

    Original video: https://theamericanscholar.org/solitude-and-leadership/
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  4. Episode #241: Max Lugavere | Primal Blueprint Blog

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    Description:  Max Lugavere is the New York Times Bestselling author Genius Foods: Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain For Life. As a health and science journalist, Lugavere has contributed to Medscape, Vice, Fast Company, CNN, and the Daily Beast and has been featured on NBC Nightly News, the Dr. Oz Show, The Rachael Ray Show, and in The Wall Street Journal. He is a sought-after nutrition expert, invited to lecture at esteemed academic institutions such as the New York Academy of Sciences and Weill Cornell Medicine, and has given keynotes at such events as the Biohacker Summit in Stockholm, Sweden. From 2005-2011, Lugavere was a journalist for Al Gore’s Current TV.

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  5. How To Drink Alcohol The Healthy Way (MAX LUGAVERE)

    Max Lugavere reveals his secrets on how to drink alcohol the healthy way. Alcohol is seen as a negative stressor on the body, but used appropriately can have some benefits, watch this video on how to drink it correctly!

    Alcohol has some benefits if you stick to the recommended doses, but if you over consume you are at a huge risk. Find a healthy way to deal with stress. Make sure you are consuming water and salt throughout your drinking experience. You can also drink after you have finished eating for the day because alcohol has a huge amplifying effect on the food that you have eaten.

    Order Max Lugavere’s New Book: Genius Foods www.geniusfoodsbook.com/

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    www.maxlugavere.com www.instagram.com/maxlugavere/ www.geniusfoodsbook.com/ twitter.com/maxlugavere

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  6. Ep. 289 - Amy Morin: The Easiest Side Hustle You Can Start Right Now

    You may remember Amy Morin, she came on my podcast a few weeks ago. We discussed her book, “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.” I asked her why is


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  9. rick

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  10. How To Lose 131 Pounds By Eating Meat: The Rick Rubin Podcast

    For the full episode and show notes, see: http://bengreenfieldfitness.com/rubin

    What do the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kanye West, Johnny Cash, The Black Crowes, Slayer, Jay Z, James Blake, Dixie Chicks, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Metallica, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Weezer, Linkin Park, The Cult, Neil Diamond, The Avett Brothers, Adele, Mick Jagger, System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, Sheryl Crow, ZZ Top, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Ed Sheeran, Damien Rice, Eminem, and just about every other world-famous band or musician you’ve ever heard of have in common?

    They were all produced by today’s podcast guest: Rick Rubin, the American record producer and former co-president of Columbia Records.

    In 2007, MTV called Rick “the most important producer of the last 20 years”, and the same year he appeared on Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World list.

    Rapper Dr. Dre has stated that Rubin is, “hands down, the dopest producer ever that anyone would ever want to be, ever.”

    But Rick has a personal passion outside of music that many people don’t know about…

    …health, nutrition, fitness and biohacking.

    And in this episode, in which Rick and I sit on his back porch, watching a relaxing sunset after a hard morning of Laird Hamilton’s pool workout, we have an intense …

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