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  1. This Week in Tech 763 Ghost Finger

    This week’s stories: Study proves that using CarPlay and Android Auto is worse than driving drunk Focus on security - cybercriminals are taking advantage of coronavirus Sam Abuelsa…


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  2. This Week in Tech 760 A Perfect Time to Panic

    This Week’s Stories Coronavirus: GDC postponed, F8 canceled, Chinese factory shortages, mask shortages, CDC test shortages, preppers prepping, fear, uncertainty, and denial Your Ai…


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  3. The Changelog #201: Why SQLite succeeded as a database with Richard Hipp, creator of SQLite |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

    This week we talked with Richard Hipp, the creator of SQLite, about its history, where it came from, why it succeeded as a database, how it’s development is sustainably funded, and how it’s the most widely deployed database engine in the world.


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  4. Windows Weekly 654 I Hate Products, She Hates People

    Welcome to 2020!PT starts the year with a rant thoughtful commentary about the state of WindowsMJF looks back at the decade that MS became a cloud companyA couple of the original R…


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  5. Cycling Time Trial Podcast

    A cycling podcast loosely focused on Time Trials.


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  6. How to Change Your Mind (Ep. 379 Rebroadcast) - Freakonomics Freakonomics

    There are a lot of barriers to changing your mind: ego, overconfidence, inertia — and cost. Politicians who flip-flop get mocked; family and friends who cross tribal borders are shunned. But shouldn’t we be encouraging people to change their minds? And how can we get better at it ourselves?


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  7. Honey, I Grew the Economy (Ep. 399) - Freakonomics Freakonomics

    Innovation experts have long overlooked where a lot of innovation actually happens. The personal computer, the mountain bike, the artificial pancreas — none of these came from some big R&D lab, but from users tinkering in their homes. Acknowledging this reality — and encouraging it — would be good for the economy (and the soul too).


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  8. This Week in Tech 749 At Least She Double Bagged It

    This Week’s StoriesMac Pro: only 1/3rd the cost of a banana duct-taped to a wallApple TV+ gets its first Golden Globe award nominationAirPods make Apple $4 billion/quarterHere’s ho…


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  9. MacBreak Weekly 691 The $400 Wheels

    This Week’s Stories: Unboxing the Mac Pro Mac Pro is the shine on the Apple iOS 13.3 update: features and fixes MacBook Pro 16’ Speaker Pop fix Apple sues former employee Apple ret…


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  10. This Week in Tech 747 Every Click is a Vote

    This Week’s Stories .org being sold off is a much bigger deal than you think Apple erases Jony Ive, brings back thicker iPhones, decent MacBook keyboards, and the cheese grater Mac…


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