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  1. When The Car Is The Driver : All Tech Considered : NPR

    This week the state of Nevada finalized new rules that will make it possible for robotic self-driving cars to receive their own special driving permits. It’s not quite driver’s licenses for robots — but it’s close.

    —Huffduffed by Kevan

  2. Freakonomics » Hey Baby, Is That a Prius You’re Driving?

    Conspicuous conservation is the theme of our latest podcast, called “Hey Baby, Is That a Prius You’re Driving?” It centers around a paper by Alison and Steve Sexton, a pair of Ph.D. economics candidates (who happen to be twins, and who happen to have economist parents), called “Conspicuous Conservation: The Prius Effect and Willingness to Pay for Environmental Bona Fides.”

    Includes an appearance by Tim Harford.

    —Huffduffed by Kevan