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Designer. User interface designer working at Liberté Studio. I am available for freelance work as well. @lukelux

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  1. Seth Godin – Engaging People Podcast

    Why going to lots of events and chasing investors might not be as smart as blogging and listening to David Bowie most importantly being a freelancer vs entrepreneur and why making sales calls is vital.

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  2. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #84: Dalton Caldwell

    Dalton Caldwell, CEO and co-founder of, is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest in Episode No. 84 of The Big Web Show

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  3. Luke Wroblewski – Organizing Mobile Web Experiences

    The proliferation of mobile devices has made it necessary to rethink your web experiences. The mobile phone and tablet, along with retina displays, have substantially changed how a user experiences your design. Responsive web design has emerged as a solution in some cases, but even though connection speeds on mobile networks are increasing, performance remains an issue.

    Luke Wroblewski has a wealth of experience with the mobile web. He suggests that the definition of “mobile” itself is blurring as devices continue to evolve. Rather than designing for device specifications, Luke says it’s more important to think about the context in which these devices are being used.

    During his virtual seminar, Organizing Mobile Web Experiences, the audience asked some great questions. Luke joins Adam Churchill to cover some of those questions in this podcast.

    When you talk about “mobile”, does that include both phone and tablet? Is it better to use responsive web design than a separate mobile site? What are the benefits of native mobile applications vs. responsive UIs? How do account for different use cases when employing responsive web design? Does quality become an issue with the code base increasing to make sites adaptive? Should you make decisions on breakpoints based on content or device? Should you design differently for small screens and small windows?

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  4. How to Delegate Even If You Don’t Have a Staff, Part 2

    "Delegation truly is a fine art and a necessary skill. In this episode, I talk about how you can delegate even if you don’t have a staff."

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  5. The Fine Art of Delegation, Part 1

    "In this episode, I talk about the fine art of delegation. I also share the five levels of delegation. If you want to succeed as a leader, it is imperative that you learn to delegate and delegate well."


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  6. Jobs-to-be-Done concept: 37signals

    "Jason was first introduced to the Jobs-to-be-Done concept by another 37signals team member, Ryan Singer. As the story goes, Ryan saw Clay Christensen describe how he and a colleague uncovered the jobs that a milkshake does in a web video. After watching the video, Ryan went on a search to find out who the “milkshake man” was, and found Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek from the Re-Wired Group."

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  7. Karen McGrane – Adapting Your Content for Mobile

    As more web capable devices hit the market, designers need to consider where and how their designs will be seen. Unfortunately, the same consideration isn’t always made when it comes to content. With design changing so much in a multichannel environment, content must be structured independent of how it will eventually look.

    Content touches all aspects of a design. Having presentation independent content allows for it to adapt to different screens and devices. Karen McGrane suggests that having the specifics of how the content will be structured in place first, allows for the freedom and flexibility to make the right design choices.

    Karen says that the advent of WYSIWYG editors shifted focus to the wrong things at the wrong time. Content took a backseat to the overall look of the design. Thinking about content first, over how it will appear, helps ensure you’re communicating the right message.

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  8. 7 Rules for More Effective Slide Presentations

    "Whether you are a professional speaker or someone who only makes the occasional presentation, you could be more effective with better slides. In this podcast, I share my seven rules for better presentations."

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  9. #027: How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty [Podcast] | Michael Hyatt

    If you a€™re like me, you have a tough time saying No€ As a recovering people-pleaser, I want to be helpful to people. I just hate disappointing them.


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  10. Art, Mind And Brain Intersect In Kandel’s Vienna

    In The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind and Brain, Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel writes of turn-of-the-century Vienna, where artists mingled with writers, scientists and physicians, and explains how the brain perceives a work of art.

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