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  1. Approaching Principles for Independent Archives, by Luke Bacon, 17th February 2014

    What should an independent archive do? Some starter ideas and an invitation for contributions.

    A reading of the blog post Approaching Principles for Independent Archives by Luke Bacon, published 17th February 2014.( ).

    The principles are hosted on Github and are available to edit and discuss there at

    The reading of this journal post was inspired by Chloe Weil and Jeremy Keith.

    —Huffduffed by LukeBacon

  2. Principles to Build By – Stephen P. Anderson

    Having a shared vision understood by all team members is critical to product design. Design tenets support and extend a core vision. They add character and definition to a vision, providing direction and helping product stay true to a clear vision.

    By using examples and sharing tips, Stephen P. Anderson outlines how to identify and articulate design tenets for your project to anchor and inspire the design process.


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