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  1. Home Loan Modification Crisis on the Morning Amp

    Homeowners are the latest casualties of the ongoing financial crisis and the government home loan modification program that was supposed to help them has not been successful. In this podcast from three students in NYC, they explore and explain the loan modification crisis through the experience of one home-owner, Marcia Jones who for the past three years has been trying to get a loan modification to save her home in Brooklyn.

    Assia Boundaoui, Chao Li and Din Clarke are graduate students in the Studio 20 Program at New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. This podcast is their first of a series of "explainer" podcasts.

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  2. Fictional Thriller Tackles Dangers of High-Frequency Trading | PBS NewsHour | March 15, 2012 | PBS

    Part of his series on Making $ense of financial news, economics correspondent Paul Solman spoke with author Robert Harris whose fictional take on Wall Street, "The Fear Index," stresses the dangers of algorithm-driven, high-frequency trading.

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