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  1. The Newman Show: Ep 35 Michael West: Is Investigative Journalism Dead?

    One of Australia's best Investigative Journalists, Michael West joins Callum on the podcast to discuss…

    Why the big media players are hemorrhaging money and staff…

    Where 80% of readers are actually getting their news from…

    The impact investigative journalism can have on a company's share price…

    Plus more!

    To read Michael West’s independent investigative journalism, go to


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  2. David Marr at Fodi: can we solve the asylum seeker crisis? – Behind the Lines podcast

    Could a simple change to the law make a difference for asylum seekers in Australia? Or do we need to stop acting as though there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ types of refugees? David Marr, Shukufa Tahiri, Jane McAdam, Daniel Webb and Geoff Gilbert explore alternative solutions to the current situation for asylum seekers in Australia

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  3. In King Coal’s Kingdom

    The Hunter Valley in NSW is best known for its vineyards and fine wines. But right now in the Hunter, coal is king. Open-cut coal mines are spreading, with winemakers, horse breeders, local residents and even some mine workers fighting a war of attrition against the coal industry, as Tom Morton reports.

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  4. Politics and Journalism: WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?

    In the aftermath of the 2013 federal election and the demise of the Labor government, there are serious issues to be discussed about the performance and calibre of the journalism, from the Parliamentary Press Gallery through to the tabloids and shock jocks. This public forum discussed three of the most contentious issues in both the politics and the journalism: gender, climate change and asylum-seekers.

    ## Speakers

    • Kerry-Anne Walsh, author of ‘The Stalking of Julia Gillard’
    • Professor Sharon Pickering, Director of the Border Crossing Observatory, Monash University
    • Professor Wendy Bacon, Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, UTS

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  5. The future of radio - Media Report - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    With multiple new ways of listening to sound, whether via your phone, an iPod or your laptop, this week we ask whether radio has a future. Its demise has been foretold many times in recent decades and yet radio has managed to renew itself. But is it facing its biggest challenge yet?

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  6. Reinventing archival methods - Future Tense, ABC Radio Nation

    Archivists were once the people who managed and preserved our records. They were the ones you turned to first if you needed information.

    But in an environment where documents are now just a mouse click away how do archivists ensure they remain relevant in the 21st century? We talk about data systems, preservation and relevancy in the modern world of the archivist – the record keeper.

    The Australian Society of Archivists assisted Future Tense in attending the Recordkeeping Roundtable workshop. They had no role in editorial or content decisions relating to this program.

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