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  1. #130: Inspeqtor and OSS Products with Mike Perham - The Changelog

    Adam and Jerod talk with Mike Perham about his new project Inspeqtor — his approach to better application infrastructure monitoring.

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    Show notes:

    Introducing Inspeqtor | Mike Perham


    lunchy: A friendly wrapper for OS X launchctl – The Changelog

    Earn a Sidekiq blackbelt by breaking a few boards – The Changelog

    #92: Sidekiq, Ruby, and more with Mike Perham – The Changelog

    dalli: High performance memcached client for Ruby –

    Inspeqtor – application infrastructure monitoring

    Sidekiq – background processing for Ruby

    The Path to Full-time Open Source | Mike Perham

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  2. Die drei Vogonen » Blog Archive » 081: Die Drei Vogonen und das Dreigestirn im…

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    Die Opensource-DVD, eine Sammlung von freier Software für Windows, ist in der Version 900

    mit über 300 Aktualisierungen erschienen. — Die Opensource-Spiele-DVD ist in einer neuen Ausgabe mit diversen Updates verfügbar.#link — Der Opensource-Sexratgeber ist in der 1. Ausgabe erschienen. Gezeigt werden lizenzfreie Stellungen und Anregungen der Community aus aller Welt. (Link nur für zahlende Eddienauten).


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  3. Episode 7: Mike Perham

    Podcast RSSShow Notes:After a decade as a Java developer, open source helped Mike Perham build a name for himself in the Ruby world. He saw the open source burnout pattern happen over and over. He didn’t want it to happen to him. So even though it went against industry norms,  Mike started Sidekiq with the intention of making money.“I’m a creator and I love building tools.”After five years, Sidekiq has more than 11 million downloads and has surpassed his goal of making $1M without taking a cent of investor money. Hear why it’s important to avoid what he calls “Tip Jar Mindset” and how he turned his project from making him $1/hour to the robust business it is today. What to read: Avoiding burnoutShow Links:Mike Perham websiteMike Perham TwitterSidekiqHow to charge for open sourceHow to make 100k in open source 11.2 million downloads!


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