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  1. Rachel Andrew on CSS grid layout and if responsive design’s here to stay

    From Fluent 2015: Rachel Andrew is a front and back-end web developer, author and speaker. Her books include the bestselling CSS Anthology for Sitepoint and she is a regular contributor to a number of publications both on and offline. Rachel founded her web development company edgeofmyseat.com in 2001, the company initially offered web development consultancy and now concentrates on developing and supporting the CMS Perch. She writes about business and technology on her own site at rachelandrew.co.uk.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcmXMCeyWPk
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  2. Paul Irish, “Delivering the goods” - Fluent 2014 Keynote

    Fluent 2014, "Keynote With Paul Irish".

    About Paul Irish (Google): Paul Irish is a front-end developer who loves the web. He is on Google Chrome’s Developer Relations team as well as jQuery’s.

    He develops the HTML5 Boilerplate, the HTML5/CSS3 feature detection library Modernizr, HTML5 Please, CSS3 Please, and other bits and bobs of open source code.

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    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8W_6xWphtw
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  3. ECMAScript Harmony: Rise of the Compilers - Brendan Eich keynote

    From Fluent 2015. "JavaScript is almost 20 years old, and moving faster than ever. ES6/2015 was voted through Ecma TC39 in Paris last month, ES7/2016 is being developed concurrently to prime the annual release pump, and use of compilers, notably Babel and Traceur, is on the rise. Low-level APIs such as SIMD, WebGL2, and 64-bit integer Math methods combine with higher-level facilities from generators and promises to async/await to cover the space of safely programmable hardware. Is there anything JS cannot do? I’ll give some answers.

    About Brendan Eich: Brendan Eich was founder and long-term CTO at Mozilla. He also served as SVP of Engineering and briefly as CEO. Eich is widely recognized for his enduring contributions to the Internet revolution. In 1995, Eich invented JavaScript (ECMAScript), the Internet’s most widely used programming language. He co-founded the mozilla.org project in 1998, serving as chief architect, and has been a board member of the Mozilla Foundation since its inception in 2003. Brendan helped launch the award-winning Firefox Web browser in November 2004 and Thunderbird e-mail client in December 2004.


    Brendan holds a bachelor of science in math and computer science from Santa Clara University and a master of science in computer science from the University of Illinois."

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlmsweSNhTw
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  4. Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for October 14 2013 – “Charlatan, Martyr, Hustler”

    In this episode, I talk about a concept I heard on the In Beta podcast about how to approach self-promotion; I talk about “appeal burnout” and being overwhelmed by calls to action; I talk about famous people using crowdfunding, and how the concern is less that they are subtracting money from the system and more that they are subtracting goodwill; I talk about Ben Franklin and his self-improvement regimens and how I might be trying to change too much stuff all at once in my life;

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  5. Interview with Trevor Burnham on CoffeeScript

    CoffeeScript burst onto the scene at the end of 2009, and is beginning to show up everywhere. Ruby on Rails now ships with it as the default way to write JavaScript, and even Brendan Eich (the creator of JavaScript) has mentioned CoffeeScript as an influence on the future of JavaScript. What’s all the fuss about? Is CoffeeScript just hype, or is there really something to it? Trevor Burnham literally wrote the book on CoffeeScript. In this PragCast interview we talk to him about the “human-friendly dialect of JavaScript,” what it is, where it’s going, and how CoffeeScript can actually make you a better JavaScript programmer.

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  6. JSConf Live - Episode 3 - Rebecca Murphey

    Chris and Rey are back to chat with Rebecca Murphey, one of the rising stars in the JavaScript community. Having just pulled off the great JavaScript event, Texas JavaScript, she took some time to talk with us about her efforts for promoting JavaScript in the North Carolina area, the YayQuery podcast, women speakers, blowing her nose and her unwavering love for mimosas.

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  7. JSConf Live - Episode 1: Dylan Schiemann

    Chris Williams and Rey Bango interview the often heralded "Godfather" of Javascript, Dylan Schiemann. Discussions include the history of Javascript, the future of client and server Javascript, and a confession of undyling love. Oh and don’t worry, Dojo already wrapped it!

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  8. SXSW - More Secrets of JavaScript Libraries

    From http://www.sxsw.com/node/1453

    In a reprise from last year’s popular panel - the JavaScript libraries authors are getting together again to impart their what they’ve learned from their experience in developing solid, world-class, JavaScript libraries. Covering everything from advanced aspects of the JavaScript language, to handling cross-browser issues, all the way up to packaging and distribution. A complete set of knowledge for a JavaScript developer.

    John Resig, Mozilla Corporation

    Andrew Dupont, Prototype JavaScript Framework

    Nate Koechley

    Becky Gibson, IBM

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