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  1. The Trap Set with Joe Wong: 287: Jim Eno (Spoon)

    Though Spoon’s style has evolved radically over its 25 year existence, Jim Eno’s drumming has been consistently tasteful, disciplined, and compositionally clever. Aside from his work as a drummer, Jim owns the Austin-based studio, Public Hi-Fi, and has engineered and produced for artists such as !!!, Cornell Dupree, John Vanderslice, Alejandro Escovedo, Future Islands, and many others. When we spoke last month, I began by asking Jim if it’s possible to safely run recording sessions during the pandemic. Spoon is re-issuing its catalog via Matador, beginning with early albums Telephono and Soft Effects, which will be re-released on Friday. You can pre-order Joe’s album NITE CREATURES . All profits through the end of July will be donated to The NAACP Legal Defense Fund.


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  2. How to Prepare Your Resume (Your Resume Stinks!) (Hall Of Fame Guidance) | Manager Tools

    This week’s podcast addresses a topic that many of you might be surprised about: your resume.

    Your resume, regardless of the baggage associated with it, is probably your most critical career management document.

    While it’s not something you ought to leave laying around on your desk, that doesn’t mean you ought to treat it like something you dust off only when you really need it.

    It needs to be reviewed quarterly, believe it or not.

    So, in this cast we’ll teach you how to prepare it, and how to maintain it.

    We won’t talk about cover letters, or how resumes are used in the job search, because job search is only one use of your resume.


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  3. Accomplishments - Connecting Resumes and Interviews | Manager Tools

    Most folks just don’t realize HOW important resumes are, and not just as pieces of paper.

    In our Resume Cast, we talked about the PURPOSE of resumes: to create an interview.

    Now just imagine…wouldn’t it be great if its value didn’t end there?

    It doesn’t!

    Yes, the resume itself gets you the chance to sell yourself, but buried in the resume are the PERFECT seeds of success, if you’ve followed our guidance.


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  4. Resumes - The Headline, Not The Story | Manager Tools

    Our guidance on the way to think about your resume: as the headlines, not the story.

    We get a lot of questions about why we recommend a one page resume. Many people tell us that they can’t possibly include all the detail they want to on one page – especially if they’ve had a long career or lots of jobs. You’re right. You can’t. And that’s the point.


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  5. Systematic Career Documentation - Part 1 (Hall Of Fame Guidance) | Manager Tools

    This cast tells you how to create and use a Career Management Document as a key part of your career management system.

    We’ve often mentioned the need for everyone to have a Career Management Document, but we’ve never dedicated a whole cast to what it is, and how and when to use it. This cast sets out to rectify that.

    In essence the Career Management Document (or CMD) is where you keep your record of your career. It’s never seen by anyone but you, and it’s not your resume. Having a CMD is not enough though. We need to use it as part of an entire system of Career Documentation which results in an effective resume.


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  6. Brett McMurphy

    Episode 17 of the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch features college football reporter Brett McMurphy, who this week broke a major story on his Facebook account regarding charges from Courtney Smith, the ex-wife of a longtime assistant of Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer. Smith called into question Meyer’s claims he was unaware of a 2015 allegation of domestic abuse against the assistant.

    In this podcast, McMurphy discusses the timeline of his reporting; how he first contacted Smith; why Smith spoke on the record with McMurphy; what Smith’s reaction was to McMurphy’s questions; the duration of those interviews with Smith, the paper trail that McMurphy tracked down for his reporting including law enforcement records; why he broke this story on Facebook, why he could not write this for another publication because of his current contractual situation with ESPN; his expectations on how many people would read his story, what breaking the story on Facebook says about the traditional mantra that subjects will turn to big media; how Meyer forwarded the story with his responses duringBig Ten Media Days; why he finds Smith believable; whether McMurphy had lawyers vet his piece; why he didn’t reach out to Shelly Meyer; his concern about a negative backlash among some in the Ohio State fanbase; his thoughts on being laid off by ESPN in 2017; why he decided to appear on ESPN properties after they let him go; what his next for him professionally and this story

    You can subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and more.


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  7. Comcast NBCUniversal And Independence Blue Cross Discuss Partnership

    Brian Lobley, President of Commercial and Consumer Markets at Independence Blue Cross, and Don Mathis, General Manager of Growth at Comcast NBCUniversal, discuss the genesis of the Independence Health Group-Comcast partnership to create an innovative patient-centered technology and communications platform. Here’s why two companies from such different ends of the spectrum came together, and a firsthand account of what it’s like bringing a healthcare insider and outsider together as one.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/oliverwymanhealth/comcast-nbcuniversal-and-independence-blue-cross-discuss-partnershipmp3
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  8. Podcast #411: Why Emotions Are Better Than Willpower in Achieving Your Goals | The Art of Manliness

    To achieve your goals, you probably think you need one key ingredient: willpower. Grit. Self-control. Discipline. To hear a lot of self-improvement gurus tell it, if you want to get your life together, then just get it together. Just do it. 

    Yet while these motivational calls certainly feel good and make us pump our fists, how well does willpower-ing your way to your goals work in reality?

    If you’re like a lot of people, who have a string of half-finished aims heaped in the dustbin of their lives, you know the answer is: “Not very well.”

    My guest today argues that there’s a reason for that — that while willpower does have a role in our lives, there’s actually a better source of motivation at our disposal: our emotions. 

    His name is David DeSteno and he’s the author of the book Emotional Success: The Power of Gratitude, Compassion, and Pride. Today DeSteno makes the case that cultivating certain feelings will actually enhance our self-control and help us become who we want to be more than simply relying on willpower to get the job done.

    Show Highlights

    Why it’s so hard for us to turn down short-term pleasure for long-term success

    Why willpower and self-discipline don’t always work 

    Where willpower comes from 

    If rationality and willpower don’t work, what does? 

    The “moral” emotions 

    How is it that gratitude can push us to right action?

    Is it as simple as keeping a gratitude journal? How can we amp up our daily gratitude? 

    Why do humans have emotions?

    How is compassion different from empathy?

    Idiot compassion vs true compassion 

    Why self-compassion is so important, and how to implement it

    The negative health effects of guilt and shame 

    The positive side of pride 

    What role do social connections play in all this?

    So what role does willpower play?

    Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

    The Power of Delayed Gratification

    Be Less Disciplined in the New Year

    AoM’s series on willpower

    My podcast with Jordan Peterson about 12 Rules for Life

    Don’t Take Marching Orders From Your Belly 

    The Spiritual Disciplines: Gratitude

    The Power of Wonder

    The Marshmallow Test

    How to Hack the Habit Loop

    A Primer on Meditation

    The Benefits of Pride

    Begin With the End in Mind

    My podcast interview with David Brooks

    Got Grit?

    Google’s research on successful teams

    Connect With David 

    David on Twitter 

    David’s website

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