Androcles and the Lion - Bernard Shaw

BBC R4 - Bernard Shaw’s ‘Androcles And The Lion’ Abridged by Archie Campbell Produced by Archie Campbell Broadcast November 3, 1978 Coded from tape at 128/44.1 Thanks to Usenet

Shaw contrasting logic with irrationality after adding a christian dimension to the ancient story of a lame lion tamed by extraction of a thorn from its sore paw.

Cast Geoffrey Wincott - Narrator Leslie French - Androcles Pauline Letts - Magaera John Graham - Lion John Baker - Spintho Heron Carvic - Caesar Alexa Romanis - Lavinia Anthony Baird - Centurion Michael Harbour - Captain Peter Bartlett - Lentulus John Atterbury - Metellus Robert Cordran - Ferrovius Bill Kendrick - Editor Of The Gladiators