Value Pricing instead of Hourly Billing with Jonathan StarkThe How of Business Podcast

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    Is hourly billing unethical? We’ve heard a lot on this podcast about how value-based pricing can help your business. Have you considered how much it can help your clients’ businesses? That if you don’t use value based pricing you might not actually be doing the best thing by them?

    We had a great chat with Jonathan Stark about a wide range of topics:

    • The unsexy nature of SMS

    • Jonathan’s trigger to jumping into mobile consulting

    • Getting a book deal – how he managed it and the impact it had

    • Why hourly billing is a ‘cancer’ on the web consulting industry

    • Dealing with fiddly clients

    • Accepting tha not all clients are perfect

    • Framing client conversations around goals, not small details

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    Special guest Ron Baker talks about overcoming pricing objections, managing scope creep, safely offering guarantees, and much more.

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