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  1. QPR: Quotidian Public Radio - QPR: Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment”

    QPR: Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment”

    MP3 Download: QPR - Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment”Social Media expert, Dr. Robert Chandler (onFocus University), joins Connor to discuss web-based community and user-generated content. He also takes a few calls from QPR listeners.

    posted 8 years ago


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  2. #64: You Already Have Everything You Need — AfroDJMac

    Do you really need that new piece of gear? The truth is, probably not. Our modern day smart phones have more music making power than state of the art studios from just a few decades ago.In this episode, we talk about gear lust and how it gets in the way of our creative process. Plus I offer a few challenges you can give yourself to overcome the urge to buy new gear, accomplish goals, and perhaps reward yourself with a new toy when appropriate. 


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  3. Hidden Orchestra - Archipelago Remixes Mixtape Part 2

    This second part of Joe Acheson’s fifth mixtape in his annual series of https://soundcloud.com/hiddenorchestra mixtapes celebrates the release of "Archipelago Remixes Part 2 EP", released May 12th 2014 on Tru Thoughts Records.

    Buy the 2x10" & digital direct from Tru Thoughts http://bit.ly/1lbXmyx

    Like Part 1 of the mixtape (https://soundcloud.com/tru-thoughts/archipelago-remixes-mixtape-1), it focuses on remixes both of and by Hidden Orchestra, and nearly all the tracks have been further remixed or mashed up by Joe.

    Like all of Joe’s mixtapes, there is a broad and multi-layered range of music and sound from around the world, from contemporary releases stretching back to the 1940’s and something from every decade in-between - including imagined collaborations such as Burial with vocals from Argentinian folk legend Mercedes Sosa, or Linton Kwesi Johnson reciting poetry over Tipper’s immaculately-produced beats.

    There is also a wealth of sound design and spoken word, taken from interviews with composers, radio programmes (many recorded by Joe), and poetry recitals.

    Other artists making appearances in this fast-paced mix include Four Tet, King Tubby, Frank Sinatra, Junip, Kidkanevil and Daisuke Tanabe, Squarepusher, The Four Tops, DJ Shadow, Floex, Finley Quaye, C…

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/tru-thoughts/hidden-orchestra-archipelago
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