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  1. Can We Trust the Bible? - Dr. John Warwick Montgomery

    The trustworthiness and inerrancy of the Bible has been debated around the world for centuries. In this special message, international lawyer and modern philosopher Dr. John Warwick Montgomery tackles this issue head-on as he argues for the Bible’s inerrancy and addresses Jesus’ view of Scripture and the importance of biblical authority.

    This teaching is from our series In Defense with Dr. John Warwick Montgomery from Calvary Albuquerque.

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  2. Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

    This sit down interview with Catherine covers the spectrum of the current situation we find ourselves in.

    It was conducted as apart of the full length documentary. We are releasing the full interview for the betterment of public understanding of the situation.

    Catherine’s analysis can be found at:

    The full film, when released, will be available at

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  3. Situation Update, Dec. 23rd - Trump chooses DECLASS option; readies epic doc dump

    For more updates, visit:

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