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  1. Discussion: Mad Men Season 3


    MattM and I sat down this morning to have a chat about the season three finale of Mad Men. We normally have this conversation at our desks, but today we decided to have it in front of a microphone. If you’d like to listen to two midwesterners cough and wax intellectual about an amazing television show, a link is available below. But for those of you who came to read I have done my best to boil down our 20 minute conversation into the following highlights.

    Season three as a whole is a downer. Everybody loses something. Fathers, brothers, feet, innocence, promotions, ideas, companies and control. It all comes to a head with the assassination of President Kennedy, which causes everyone to pause and reevaluate further. The finale starts to pick things back up when Don and a rag tag crew of Sterling Copper employees decide to betray the British and split off and form a new agency. You see your favorite characters at their finest. They stop whining and decide to take back control of their lives.

    Betty decides she wants a divorce from Don, no matter what it takes. But she is trading dependence on him for dependence on Henry Francis, whom she hardly knows. I can’t see it working out between them. Oh, those poor Draper kids. Two weeks before Christmas their parents split up? That’s rough. "Mommy’s running off to Reno for an easy divorce. See you in six weeks. Love you." Certainly Sally and Bobby will be affected for the worse.

    Predictions We both guess that Season 4 will begin around February 1964, just before the British invasion of the Beatles. Matt believes Paul Kinsey will not be brought on at the new agency and will slowly disappear. I, on the other hand, believe Ken Cosgrove will disappear into the ranks of McCann, never to be seen again. We both think Salvatore Romano will be joining the new firm as art director, although Matt would rather they hire a certain beatnik greeting card illustrator from Season 1. Things won’t work out between Betty and Henry, but it might take some time to break down.

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