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Kevin I. Slaughter is a vulgarian and elitist, half son of the South, half child of Mother England. He owns the 3rd largest private collection of vintage Super 8mm porn on the East Coast, plus an extensive library of adult paperbacks. Other than smut, his bookshelves are littered with titles by authors with names such as: Ardrey, Batille, Buchanan, Burroughs (E.R.), Crisp, Dahl, Darwin, Dixon, Friedman, Fussell, Galton, Gilmore (J & P.H.), Goad, Goffman, Gresham, Hammett, Hecht, Hitchens, Hoffer, Home, Huysmans, LaVey, LeBon, Legman, London, Lovecraft, Ludovici, Malebranche, Mishima, Moynihan, Nietzsche, Parfrey, Petros, Pinker, Putnam, Rand, Reich, Rockwell, Rushton, Sante, Shermer, Sotos, Southern, Spengler, Spillane, Stirner, Thompson, Tully, Twain, Waters, and Willeford.

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  1. Book Talk: ‘Rough Road to the North: A Vagabond on the Great Northern Highway’ by Jim Christy // BTRlisten

    Rebel, seeker, traveler, observer, vagabond, writer. Jim Christy has been called all these things and more. Inspired at age twelve after reading Jack Kerouac’s On The Road one summer while running wild in the streets of a tough Philadelphia neighborhood, Christy began his life-long habit of following the wind.

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  2. Antisocial Anarchy - Uncivilized Podcast 7

    In this episode, we've decided to touch on social anarchism, sharing some criticism as well as our roots in the theory.

    DISCLAIMER: Our podcast does NOT condone or support acts of terror or violence. This podcast is meant to serve as an educational platform for political theory, and nothing more. Please do not use these videos as a confirmation for any illegal activity you may take part in. We condemn those who take part in violent and destructive behaviors.

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    “Our place is to think, to continue speaking of chaos, not being stupid enough to think we can take its side. There are no sides.” ~Alejandro de Acosta The essay read this episode, the third in a trilogy on approaches to nihilism by Alejandro de Acosta, is included in The Impossible, Patience: Critical Essays 2007 –…

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