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  1. Wellcome Collection podcast: Magic Manuscripts

    Magic was viewed as dangerous, irresponsible and heretical by people in the Late Middle Ages, yet some medieval people were nevertheless compelled – by curiosity, desire and need – to experiment with it. Dr Sophie Page explores what magic was, why it attracted both fascination and repulsion, and what its practice tells us about the attitudes of medieval people to their universe and the invisible and sacred forces inhabiting it.

    The mystery object unveiled during the event was ‘Miscellanea Alchemica XII’, a late-15th-century manuscript in Dutch and Latin; it is one of only three surviving manuscripts that include demonic magic. It also includes cautious notes by later readers who didn’t approve of some items in the text.

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  2. The Magicians’ Podcast » Blog Archive » Ep 72 - Derren Brown

    Derren Brown has changed mentalism in our industry forever and become a household name in the process. He has produced more television content over the last 15 years than any other British magician and also produced seven full evening stage shows full of original presentations, methods and thinking. An unexpected part of Derren’s incredible success has been the spawning of an entire generation of magicians who rip of his psychological presentations and material, what does the man himself really think of the Derren clones? His answer may surprise you.

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  3. Mark Rosewater : Drive to Work #1 : Tempest

    Magic the Gathering game design podcast from Mark Rosewater.

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  4. Storyboard: Penn & Teller Talk Deception and Performance at Comic-Con

    Penn & Teller would never lie to you. OK … that’s a lie. But what they do is more than that. Despite the title of their upcoming Discovery series (Penn & Teller: Tell A Lie, due in October), Penn & Teller are modern masters of deception.

    For performance purposes, Adam reads the part of Teller on occasion.

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