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  1. Little Atoms: Jonathan Meades

    Jonathan Meades is a writer on architecture, culture and food, a novelist and television presenter, and a longtime friend of Little Atoms. This episode, marking the release of a boxset of Jonathan’s TV work, was first broadcast in October 2008.

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  2. Little Atoms: Jonathan Meades + Will Alsop

    Jonathan Meades is a broadcaster and the author of several books including three works of fiction - Filthy English, Pompey and The Fowler Family Business - and several anthologies of which the most recently published is Museum Without Walls, which received 11 nominations as a book of the year in 2012.

    Professor Will Alsop is one of Britain’s most renowned architects. He is currently a professor at the Technical University of Vienna.

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  3. Jonathan Meades - Building Futures

    What we build should encourage and inspire the next generation to take architecture on. The built environment is a key cultural asset and the profession is responsible for maintaining its quality and its reputation. Shouldn’t we be promoting and encouraging a more energetic approach to building that celebrates vitality and daring?

    Or is the pursuit of vibrant landmarks merely encouraging over the top, brash and, predominantly, masculine gestering offering nothing but mere ‘fizz’ and ego?

    Jonathan Meades argues against.

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