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  1. Terrible Lizards: S01E01 Tyrannosaurus

    For our first ever episode of Terrible Lizards we start, perhaps inevitably, with the most famous and iconic dinosaur ever – Tyrannosaurus. (Actually I wanted to do Nqwebasaurus but Iszi wouldn’t let me). The king is an absolute cultural icon and appears in pretty much every dinosaur movie and documentary of the last 50 years. As science progresses though, that mostly means that the public perception of this animal has got more and more out of tune with our modern understanding. So in this episode we talk about their giant heads and weird teeth, famously small arms, super-senses and tackle the vexed question of were they predators or scavengers? We round off with the issues of the mystery dwarf tyrannosaur Nanotyrannus and whether it is, or isn’t just a juvenile rex. Then the brilliant natural history broadcaster Chris Packham joins us to share his love of Tyrannosaurus and to ask Dave what he thinks a Tyrannosaurus would look like in real life. Links: Dave’s Royal Institution lecture on the evolution of tyrannosaurs:

    Guardian article by Dave & Chris Packham on the making of their Tyrannosaurus documentary:

    Series of blogposts by Dave on the wonderful collection of Tyrannosaurus specimens at the Carnegie Museum:

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  2. Tweet of the Day: The Grey Heron

    Chris Packham presents the grey heron. Winter can be a challenging time for grey herons. In freezing conditions, their favoured food supplies of fish and amphibians are locked beneath the ice and prolonged spells of cold weather can be fatal for these birds. Written by Brett Westwood. Produced by Sarah Pitt.

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  3. Nature’s Voice - Big Garden Birdwatch at 30

    In this [2009] podcast we look back to when it all started and forward to this year’s event on the 24th and 25th of January. Wildlife cameraman and television presenter Chris Packham tells us why he is such a fan of the Big Garden Birdwatch and we hear from Peter Holden - who was awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours list for services to nature conservation - the man who came up with idea in the first place.

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