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  1. Chris Packham celebrates Tweet of the Day

    Chris Packham selects his own favourite episodes from Tweet of the Day

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  2. In Our Time: Bird Migration

    Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss how birds navigate and the risks and benefits of migration

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  3. BBC Radio 4 - Natural Histories - Parrots

    Colourful birds of the rainforest and companions of pirates, parrots evoke contradictory images. They encompass a huge range of forms from the flightless lumbering kakapo of New Zealand to the diminutive and talkative budgerigar of Australia, the chatty African grey parrot to the garishly colourful macaws of South America.

    We cast parrots as the clowns of the natural world; painted in many colours they appear mischievous but innocent, playful but intelligent. But has our anthropomorphism of parrots limited our true understanding of the family? In the words of Mark Cocker "parrots are held in cages, but they are trapped in our imaginations".

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  4. Episode 51: CROWS | The BitterSweet Life

    Gabi (age 8) regularly feeds crows and they bring her shiny things in return. Today she shows host Katy Sewall her crow-gift collection. We’ll also find out why crows give gifts and how you can earn gifts too.


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  5. Tweet of the Day: The Grey Heron

    Chris Packham presents the grey heron. Winter can be a challenging time for grey herons. In freezing conditions, their favoured food supplies of fish and amphibians are locked beneath the ice and prolonged spells of cold weather can be fatal for these birds. Written by Brett Westwood. Produced by Sarah Pitt.

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  6. Nature’s Voice - Big Garden Birdwatch at 30

    In this [2009] podcast we look back to when it all started and forward to this year’s event on the 24th and 25th of January. Wildlife cameraman and television presenter Chris Packham tells us why he is such a fan of the Big Garden Birdwatch and we hear from Peter Holden - who was awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours list for services to nature conservation - the man who came up with idea in the first place.

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  7. Birdwatching With Your Eyes Closed podcast - Simon Barnes

    Why do birds sing? What are they trying to say?

    Birdsong is not just about natural history. It is also about our history. We got melody from the birds as we got rhythm from the womb. Birds are our music: they teach us to express emotion and beauty in sound. The first instruments ever made were bird-flutes.

    This vital book – with a free podcast – takes you from winter into deepest spring, teaching you to how recognise song after song as the chorus swells. You start with robin, and end up listening to nightingales.

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  8. Wild birds talking! - ABC WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

    Naturalist Martyn Robinson, has discovered that pet birds who have escaped into the bush have ‘taught’ their wild companions to speak. The words that the the once domesticated pets learned from humans can now be heard from the beaks of their wild cousins.

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