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  1. 130 – George Egg | The Comedian’s Comedian

    “Anarchist Cook” George brings his ludicrous visual comedy to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time [in 2015]. George bakes his own bread, builds his own props, and survives his hotel-based weekends in a hilariously inventive fashion which Stu has taken to heart… We talk about comedy, cuisine and creativity, as well as George’s expectations of his first ever Edinburgh run.

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  2. The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast - Adam Buxton

    Podcast pioneer, arch-noodler, jingle-master and YouTube cosmonaut, Adam Buxton invented loads of your favourite stuff before it was famous. We talk about the creative urge; exploiting one’s family for material; and how to cope with criticism. We also explore the dynamic between Adam and long-term collaborator Joe Cornish. But which one is the best? It’s Adam.

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  3. BBC Radio 4 - Front Row, Martin Parr’s exhibitions, Assemble at Tate Liverpool, Bradford Media Museum controversy, Morrissey as London’s mayor

    As the death is announced of production designer Sir Kenneth "Ken" Adam, director Nicholas Hytner remembers working with him on The Madness of King George III.

    Martin Parr, photographer and chronicler of British culture, gives John Wilson an early preview of the new show he has curated at the Barbican in London, Strange and Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers, as well another exhibition of his own photographs, Unseen City, in which he gives an unprecedented insight into the pomp and pageantry of the City of London.

    In a controversial move, Bradford’s National Media Museum is transferring its collection of 400,000 photographs and exhibits to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Colin Ford, the museum’s former director, joins John in the studio.

    Assemble, a collective of architects and designers, won the Turner prize last year for their urban regeneration project in Liverpool. They talk to John Wilson about Art Gym - their latest Merseyside collaboration - which has just opened at Tate Liverpool.

    Presenter: John Wilson Producer: Rebecca Armstrong


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  4. YANSS Podcast – Episode Six « You Are Not So Smart

    Which would you rather have, a mansion the likes of Jay Gatsby, fully decorated and furnished or the memories of a month spent on the International Space Station? Would you rather own the kind of car they photograph for wall posters with doors that open in an unusual manner or spend a year practicing guitar for a chance to play a single show with the Red Hot Chili Peppers? How about $1,000 cash or a gourmet meal for you and your friends cooked by and enjoyed in the company of Gordon Ramsay? Assuming in each of these scenarios you can only have one and never have the other, which would you pick?

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  5. BBC Radio 4 - White Face, Dark Heart (2/2)

    Stewart Lee explores what lies beneath the friendly red-nosed image of the clown.

    He discovers that British clowns were once not just for the children and talks to the clowns that want to change the world - even if it means confronting the police.

    He meets the Rebel Clown Army, whose antics at political demonstrations cause amusement and bafflement in equal measure.

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