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  1. Art Detective - The Art of the Ladybird Books - Joel Morris & Jason Hazeley

    The team behind the Ladybird Books for Grown Ups, Joel Morris & Jason Hazeley, join Janina Ramirez to discuss the art in the Ladybird books, nostalgic art, and Biblical plague.

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  2. Stephen Merchant and Tim Brooke-Taylor - Slapstick Shambles - The Cosmic Shambles Network

    At this year’s Slapstick Festival in Bristol, the Cosmic Shambles Network team were there across the festival recording all sorts of events we were taking part in for a special series of podcasts. In this first episode Robin chats with Stephen Merchant about the enduring legacy of Laurel and Hardy, their favourite Laurel and Hardy films and some fun stories from a Laurel and Hardy book Stephen got second hand.

    In the second segment, as part of a celebration of At Last the 1948 Show, Robin chats with Tim Brooke-Taylor about the show, working with Cleese and Chapman and especially Marty Feldman as Robin regales stories from Marty’s recently found autobiography.

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  3. C86 Show - David Devant & His Spirit Wife special with Mikey Georgeson

    David Devant & His Spirit Wife special with Mikey Georgeson in conversation with David Eastaugh

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  4. Southbank Centre’s Book Podcast: Richard Ayoade in conversation with Adam Buxton

    In this episode of Southbank Centre’s Book Podcast we have an excerpt from writer and director Richard Ayoade in conversation with Adam Buxton, as he reflects on his award-winning films and comedy.As well as reading extracts from his latest book Ayoade on Top, the author explains how he drew inspiration from the unlikely source of cabin crew rom-com, View From the Top, starring Gwyneth Paltrow.Ayoade first burst onto our screens as the character of Dean Learner in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and Maurice Moss in the Emmy Award-winning The IT Crowd, for which he was awarded a BAFTA as Best Performance in a Comedy.Since then he has adapted and directed Joe Dunthorne’s novel Submarine for the screen, and is the co-writer (with Avi Korine) and director of film The Double, starring Jesse Eisenberg.

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  5. Fire, Burn by John Dickson Carr

    An historical mystery novel about a police officer who is transported back in time to 1829 when the British police was first formed. Carr considered this one of his best impossible crime novels.

    This is the story of an impossible crime, affecting a woman; and of an impossible situation, affecting a man.

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  6. Peepolykus’ “The Hound Of The Baskervilles”

    A comic adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes classic. The story is all there and follows the plot, but includes a Spanish Holmes, a Baskerville who cannot do a Canadian accent, a particularly stupid Dr Watson who frets if not fed, "lamb in a bag" and a few other adaptations, which put a comic spin on this classic tale.

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  7. 56 - John Hegley – Ledbury Poetry Festival

    One of the country’s most popular poets – eccentric and very funny – John Hegley returns to Ledbury!

    The reading (and singing) consists largely of poems from John Hegley’s latest book: Verses on Keats, Dickens, Daleks and digging into memory of childhood days.


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  8. Alice Fraser: Mythos - ABC Radio

    The future, fathers, flat-earthers & feminism all start with the letter ‘f’ AND all appear in Alice’s 2019 stand-up show ‘Mythos’, recorded exclusively live just for you at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. *Warning: This podcast does contain swearing and adult concepts


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  9. Stewart Lee Returns Again - Book Shambles

    Our first ever guest on Book Shambles was Stewart Lee, and with his new book, March of the Lemmings, just released he’s back in the studio this week with Robin to chat about it.

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  10. Oliver Sacks: A Neurologist At The ‘Intersection Of Fact And Fable’

    In a 1985 interview, Sacks told Gross that watching the patients emerge from the catatonic state was like standing at "the intersection of fact and fable. You see infinitely moving, dramatic, romantic situations, but also clearly based on the state of the nervous system."

    Fresh Air remembers Sacks with two interviews from 1985 and 2012.


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