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  1. Stewart Lee Returns Again - Book Shambles

    Our first ever guest on Book Shambles was Stewart Lee, and with his new book,¬†March of the Lemmings, just released¬†he’s back in the studio this week with Robin to chat about it.

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  2. Oliver Sacks: A Neurologist At The ‘Intersection Of Fact And Fable’

    In a 1985 interview, Sacks told Gross that watching the patients emerge from the catatonic state was like standing at "the intersection of fact and fable. You see infinitely moving, dramatic, romantic situations, but also clearly based on the state of the nervous system."

    Fresh Air remembers Sacks with two interviews from 1985 and 2012.


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  3. Author, Author

    There were a lot of quiz shows on old-time radio, but none were quite like Author, Author. Famous authors, led by Ellery Queen, had to create a story that made sense out of a nonsense situation that was thrown at them. Ellery Queen was really two people - a pair of cousins named Manfred Lee and Frederic Dannay. This is the pilot episode, and the host here is humorist-poet Ogden Nash. When the show was picked up for the regular schedule three months later, the host was humorist S.J. Perelman.

    This pilot episode, The $2,001 Watch, was originally broadcast on January 4, 1939.

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  4. Orson Welles Meets H.G. Wells in 1940

    What connects Orson Welles, that quintessential American auteur of radio and film, to H.G. Wells, the far-seeing English proto-science fiction novelist?

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  5. Episode 57 - In Praise Of Ever Decreasing Circles - Sitcom Geeks - British Comedy Guide

    Was this the greatest audience sitcom ever? James and Dave are joined by Ever Decreasing Circles expert Jason Hazeley to discuss the genius of Esmonde & Larbey. They’re best known for The Good Life but this lesser known show is arguably their greatest work.

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  6. What Would Aliens Make Of NASA’s Voyager?

    Forty years ago, NASA sent two spacecraft into space with images and recordings from Earth. To test whether aliens would be able to hear them, scientists ran the messages by animals, as proxies.


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  7. BBC 4 Analysis: Maintenance

    Why better maintenance is one of the most urgent and creative challenges we face.

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  8. Inside the Comedian - John Finnemore

    David Reed interviews John Finnemore about sketch comedy, the writing process and the decline of the traditional rag and bone woman.

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  9. The Importance of Being Hoffnung

    Charles Richardson interviews Gerard Hoffnung.

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  10. Inheritance Tracks: Alan Partridge

    Norfolk-based broadcasting legend Alan Partridge chooses Who Put The Bomp by Barry Mann and the theme from Grandstand by Keith Mansfield.

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