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  1. TMO Daily Observations 2016-04-05: TextExpander 6 and the Software Subscription Debate - Daily Observations Podcast - The Mac Observer

    TextExpander 6 is out and it fired up the software subscription debate. Greg Scown from Smile Software, along with Dave Hamilton and John Martellaro, join Jeff Gamet to look at subscription software models, what benefits they can offer, and why some people oppose them.


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  2. TMO Background Mode: Interview With App Camp for Girls Founder Jean MacDonald - Background Mode Podcast - The Mac Observer

    Like many in the high tech field, Jean MacDonald’s career started out with an academic bent as she worked on a Ph.D. in Russian history at Princeton University. Her experience with foreign language literature naturally led to work in the book publishing world, which in turn led to considerable web development work. And then, as many know her, her nine years with Smile Software. But one day, at WWDC, she noted the dearth of young women writing commercial software. The idea for App Camp for Girls was born and launched in 2013 in Portland, OR. Today, App Camp for Girls has been so successful, it’s expanding into Canada and other countries. Listen in as Jean tells her fascinating story.


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  3. The Podcast Digest : TPD 29 - Beyond Inquisitive with Myke Hurley from Relay FM

    Myke Hurley from Relay FM joins me to discuss his newest podcast, Inquisitve, and why it’s different than anything you’ve heard before!  We also discuss many of the other great offering from Relay FM. They are excellent listens and you will love the work that Myke and all of Relay FM are doing!  Go subscribe!

    Links mentioned in this episode:

    Relay FM (Website)

    Inquisitive (Website)

    If you like this interview, you will like Myke’s recent talk he gave at the Apple Store, Covent Garden in London (Itunes) entitled "How I Became an Independent Podcaster"


    This week’s show also features TPD’s new and updated logo!  This excellent work came from Matt Candela from the That’ll Play Podcast. Check out his design work at his website.



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  4. Law Podcasting Episode 12 – David (MacSparky) of Mac Power Users | The Law Podcasting Podcast

    David “MacSparky” Sparks

    “Stick to a schedule

    Don’t go too general

    Focus on audio quality”

    –David Sparks,

    Mac Power Users

    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download (Duration: 37:38 — 30.2MB)

    My guest for this session is David Sparks, A business lawyer from Orange County, California,  and a self proclaimed geek. David is also a podcaster, blogger, and author who writes about finding the best tools, hardware, and workflows for using Apple products to get work done. David   writes for Macworld magazine and speaks about technology pretty much all over the place.

    Find the podcast at:  http://macpowerusers.com.  David’s blog, books and other materials are available on his Website at http://macsparky.com.


    Some of the resources mentioned in this podcast:

    David’s Books:

    Macsparky Field Guide: Presentations

    Macsparky Field Guide:  Email

    Macsparky Field Guide:  Paperless 

    Macsparky Field Guide: Markdown

    60 Mac Tips – Volume 1 (with Brett Terpstra)

    David’s Screencasts



    Other Screencasts worth a look

    Our Resources

    Free Law Podcasting Startup Guide

    Power Podcasting for Lawyers



    NOTE:  Some of the above may be affiliate links to products or services for which we receive a commission when you purchase.  Thank you!



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  5. TMO Daily Observations: 2014-09-12 - Daily Observations Podcast - The Mac Observer

    Pre-orders for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus started early this morning, although not everyone had good luck with Apple’s website. Bryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet today to talk about the frustrations with the pre-order process, and they also dive into what you need to know to make sure the contract you choose is the right one for you.


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