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  1. Connecting Interrelated Design and Development Workflows

    Design and development are like siblings in the creative process, constantly trying to express their individuality, but a lot closer than they’re willing to admit. This session will explore the interrelated disciplines of design and development by looking at three specific project types: designer/developer collaboration for the Flash Platform; designer/developer collaboration for Ajax; and cross-media design and publication. You’ll see how designers and developers can achieve peace through more efficient integration and collaboration across media types and disciplines. This panel is sponsored by Adobe.

    Ryan Stewart, Adobe

    Greg Rewis, Adobe

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  2. Career Renegade: How To Make A Great Living Doing What You Love

    Career Renegade is 288 pages of kick-ass, real-world, seriously actionable strategies, resources and case-studies that walk you through the process of building your career around the activities, settings and people that make you come alive. Steering clear of new-age, self-help fluff, this veritable renegade roadmap dives squarely into how to turn nearly any passion into real money (often online), build a powerhouse personal brand, rally the cynics to your cause and leverage your passion, knowledge and platform to make a great living doing what you love, even in this economy.

    Jonathan Fields, Career Renegade / Awake @ The Wheel

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  3. Social Media Marketing

    ‘Social Media Marketing’ is the start of a conversation about marketing communications using social media forms, including internet sites and mobile telecommunication sources. The book discusses the importance of data and analytics both in helping to monetize these media, and in improving the way that the owners of these media market themselves. Marketers wishing to communicate with customers, or potential customers via social media need to adopt a new set of skills and techniques to be effective. The need for dialogue and involvement, for engagement, is paramount. This book discusses solutions that allow marketers to target and measure their activities within social media.

    Alan Moore, Smlxl Ltd

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  4. HOWTO: 149 Surprising Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog With Credibility!

    John Gruber (DaringFireball.net) and Merlin Mann (43Folders.com) discuss the current state of blogging as a medium for creative expression, weighing the opportunities and challenges of building a thoughtful online presence in a world where everybody owns a printing press. They’ll consider the ascendance of Digg-friendly "problogs" and debate the subtler pleasures of careful writing that reaches smaller, but potentially less "profitable" audiences.

    John Gruber, Daring Fireball

    Merlin Mann, You Look Nice Today

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  5. The Seven Rules for Great Web Application Design

    In this lively and interactive session, Robert Hoekman, Jr., the author of ‘Designing the Obvious’ and ‘Designing the Moment’, uses the audience to reveal the 7 essential design principles for achieving great application design and the psychology behind them. And he does it all without a single bullet point (gasp!).

    Robert Hoekman Jr, Miskeeto LLC

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  6. Diary of a Sex Fiend: Girl with a One Track Mind

    Zoe Margolis, Girl With a One-Track Mind

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