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  1. Letting Go

    Design (or if you prefer—user experience) is at a crossroads. In our globalized, hyper-connected world, users no longer need to wait for us to create experiences for them. As we debate the value of design thinking, the usefulness of the next API, or strive to craft the ultimate cross-platform experience—users are sorting this out on their own, using whatever service or technology is “good enough” for them at the time.

    Strategies and scenarios that made sense mere months ago, are disintegrating as technologies shift, business models crumble, and we watch with dismay as users exchange tips to disable JavaScript on their Kindles, or access multiplayer Flash games on the iPads.

    What happens to your brand, your product, and your bottom line when users choose “good enough”, over your carefully crafted product or service? Is it a sign of failure, a missed opportunity, or a chance to dive head first towards a new reality?


    Bryan Rieger is a designer, writer and reluctant developer with a background in theatre design and classical animation. Bryan has worked across various media including print, broadcast, web and mobile; and with clients such as Apple, Microsoft and Nokia.

    Stephanie Rieger is a writer, designer, and closet anthropologist with a passion for the many ways people interact with technology. With a diverse background, Stephanie’s expertise lies in marrying design, technology, and business goals to craft simple, elegant experiences.

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  2. Andy Budd: Mastering web user experience

    Andy tells us the best practices to employ when building your site for your target audience. Also discover what it takes for your designs to stand out.


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  3. Career Renegade: How To Make A Great Living Doing What You Love

    Career Renegade is 288 pages of kick-ass, real-world, seriously actionable strategies, resources and case-studies that walk you through the process of building your career around the activities, settings and people that make you come alive. Steering clear of new-age, self-help fluff, this veritable renegade roadmap dives squarely into how to turn nearly any passion into real money (often online), build a powerhouse personal brand, rally the cynics to your cause and leverage your passion, knowledge and platform to make a great living doing what you love, even in this economy.

    Jonathan Fields, Career Renegade / Awake @ The Wheel

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