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  1. Standardizing Value Through Products with Kai Davis - 058 - Art Of Value

    Kai Davis is an outreach consultant who focuses on building relationships and online community. He is also an e-commerce consultant who helps businesses increase their sales. Previously he was a front-end developer for WordPress and a jazz pianist. He is speaking in September at the Double Your Freelancing Conference. Kai's Value Pricing Journey What is the most important thing …


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  2. 7 Steps To Launch Your First Outreach Marketing Campaign

    My guest today is Kai Davis, host of the Make Money Online and Get More Clients podcasts, and author of The Outreach Blueprint and Podcast Outreach. In this episode Kai will teach you the importance to building relationships with people and the 7 steps to launching your first marketing outreach campaign.

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  3. How to Use Content to Grow Your Consulting


    What kind of content freelancers should be producing How to make your content unique and effective How to get readers to become clients and customers How much information to give away for free How to promote your content to reach the most people

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