America Won’t Shut Up: About Being Quiet!

From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters, it seems, this week, no one in America can keep quiet about how much they love being quiet.

To get to the bottom of this trend, we’ll sit down with quietness expert, Henley Menley, who teaches a class on the importance of quietness called, "Shh … Quiet Now." After that we’ll talk to professional quiet person, Selena Gomez-Adams. Trust us, both of these guys have plenty to say about not saying much.

As always, we’ll scan the week’s twitter trends, dig into the headlines, and we’ll once again have a field piece from reporter, Taylor Moore. All that and more, plus music from the Foo Fighters.

This week’s episode stars Dan Chamberlain ( and Halle Kiefer ( If you’re on tumblr, you probably know these two. And if not, hey that’s OK, thanks for listening to our show anyway.