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  1. Core Intuition » Episode 200: A Subscription For Nothing

    Special guest Marco Arment joins Manton and Daniel for a lively, longer conversation about his enthusiasm for keeping the podcasting market diverse, hints about progress towards Overcast 2.0, and his atypical approach to customer support. The three also talk about the value of non-monetary priorities in development, and the pros and cons of “scratching one’s itch” in software pursuits.

    Download (MP3, 1 hour 23 minutes, 40MB)

    Marco.org – Eponymous blog of our special guest, Marco Arment.

    Accidental Tech Podcast – Podcast hosted by Marco, John Siracusa, and Casey Liss.

    Top Four – Marco’s podcast with Tiffany Arment on Relay.fm.

    Worst Weezer Singles – Marco and Tiff select four Weezer songs they deem ill-suited as radio singles.

    Bitsplitting Episode 8 – Daniel’s interview of Marco Arment on the Bitsplitting podcast.

    Overcast – Marco’s iOS podcast-listening client.

    Instapaper – Marco’s “read later” service and app, now developed by betaworks.

    The Magazine – Marco’s iOS-based magazine, later run by Glenn Fleishman.

    Pocket Casts – A well-liked podcast client for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

    Howl – A “Netflix for podcasts.” Ad-free podcasts from … an ad company.

    Happy Birthday Grandma – One of the many business ideas Marco has but probably won’t get to.

    Perfect Table Planner – Dedicated software for seating at weddings and other special events.

    Successful Software – Andy Brice’s blog, developer of Perfect Table Planner.

    Discontinued – Home page of Vemedio, the former makers of Instacast.

    Sponsored by Core Intuition Jobs: Connecting iOS and Mac Cocoa developers with their next dream job.


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