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  1. Halloween Listening: The Bowery Boys - Haunted Tales of New York - Urban Phantoms

    It’s time for our third annual ‘ghost stories’ episode, our mix of historical facts and spooky legends from the annals of New York’s past.

    For this round of scary tales, we visit a famous 19th century townhouse haunted by a lonely spinster, a West Village speakeasy with some guests who still haven’t gone home, and the site of a former restaurant that might be possessed with the spirit of a famous folk singer.

    ALSO: we go back all the way to New Amsterdam for an old legend involving Peter Stuyvesant, a turbulent river, and the Devil himself! (http://theboweryboys.blogspot.com/)

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  2. PodCastle: PC047 Giant Episode: Bright Waters

    "He looked at their leg tattoos. Mohawk. One of the Iroquois tribes. Well, he couldn’t kill them then.

    Not that he’d want to. They were, after all, just boys. Still, Indian boys weren’t like the lads back in Rotterdam. It had been small Abenaki lads, just like these, that tried to take his scalp the first year as a trapper. He’d killed them all with the blood flowing down the side of his face and a chunk of his scalp flapping about like a wig.

    And so he’d need to be ready. Hunting knives hung from the belts at their waists. But none carried a war club. Only one held a bow.

    Jan sneaked back the way he had come and then up and around in front of them so that the boys would walk right up the trail into him. The path bent around a hill where the river willow grew thick. He waited for them there.

    He withdrew rope and a knife from his pack. He couldn’t kill them, but he could tie them up and scare them into good Christian men."

    Giant episode means this is about an hour long. It is a story that both men and women can enjoy, or so it seems to me. (http://podcastle.org)

    Featured on episode 36 of Forgotten Classics.

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  3. Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast: The Silver Hilt

    Okay, okay, you all keep asking for me to read writers you know, and I keep dipping into the well of obscurity to pick up writers you’ve never heard of. I know! I’ll read the writers you know, maybe, but you have to tell me which ones you want to hear. And until you do, I’m just going to continue to flip over rocks and turn up amazing archeoliterary pearls like this. Do you know this story? Probably not. Should you listen anyway? Yes, if you want your socks knocked right off your feet. (http://www.miettecast.com/)

    Featured on episode 32 of Forgotten Classics

    —Huffduffed by JulieD