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  1. Monday Morning Memo: On the Horizon - August 1, 2011: If History, Indeed, Repeats Itself

    “Me” and “We” are equal-but-opposite attractions that pull our perspective one way, then the other. Western society swings like a pendulum from one set of values to the other every 40 years with the regularity of an old and reliable grandfather clock.

    “Me” and “We” values are equally good, but we always take a good thing too far.

    If history is to be our guide, the next 20 years will be when we move from our agreement of mutual brokenness, “I’m Not Okay – You’re Not Okay,” to embrace a self-righteous indignation, “I’m Okay – You’re Not Okay.” …

    Read it, listen to it, or download it. http://www.mondaymorningmemo.com/newsletters/read/1937

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