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  1. Tales from the Archives — Three: The Astonishing Amulet of Amenartas

    Agent Heathcliff Durham finds himself crisscrossing Africa, looking for an Amulet that could spell disaster for any who come near it. Battling blistering heat, starvation, wild animals, and despair, he is not comforted by the company of a rough and ready sort named Morrison. Soon Durham begins to suspect he may never return home—and to top it all off the tea has almost run out. Written and narrated by Nathan Lowell

    The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences is a brilliant story concept for a podcast. To publicize their upcoming book, Phoenix Rising, Phillipa Ballentine and Tee Morris have invited authors and podcasters to tell their own original steampunk stories. (http://www.ministryofpeculiaroccurrences.com/)

    —Huffduffed by JulieD

  2. Assam and Darjeeling: Chapter 1

    "Assam & Darjeeling" is the story of two children who set out to rescue their dead mother from the Underworld — a nightmare place where the mythological desperately tries to keep pace with the world above. The children encounter cell-phone carrying demons, forgotten deities from defunct pantheons waiting tables, and one nasty character called Juniper who takes a particular, personal interest in their quest. (http://www.tmcamp.com/works/assam-darjeeling/)

    This week’s podcast highlight (yes, again) on Forgotten Classics, episode 112.

    —Huffduffed by JulieD

  3. Salmon and Dusk: Out of the Picture, part 1

    The best place to begin with Salmon and Dusk (by Myke Bartlett) is the novel How to Disappear Completely (look for it at Podiobooks.com). However, try out this four part story to get a bit of the flavor. Artist Joe Miller is about to hit the big time. But on opening night for his first exhibition, a stranger tells him to stop painting. If he doesn’t, he’ll unleash something terrible on an unsuspecting world. For Joe, this idea might be too intriguing to resist. (http://feeds.feedburner.com/mykebartlett)

    This week’s podcast highlight on Forgotten Classic’s episode 107.

    —Huffduffed by JulieD

  4. SFFaudio Podcast: Episode 31

    Lots of book talk and a short story read at the end. This gives a better representation of SFFaudio’s podcast as Scott and Jesse talk books, talk about audiobooks, new and newer, a little about radio drama, throw in some politics, some Canada bashing, and then add in two complete short stories. The first short story is read by Jesse (it is only two sentences long) and the other runs about 40 minutes and is performed by a professional narrator. (http://www.sffaudio.com/)

    SFFaudio podcast will be highlighted in Episode 88 of Forgotten Classics.

    —Huffduffed by JulieD

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