Monday Morning Memo: On the Horizon - August 1, 2011: If History, Indeed, Repeats Itself

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  1. Monday Morning Memo: Faux Authenticity

    "We’re staring into the face of a trend.

    I told you in Dec. 2003 that we were moving into an era of “working together for the common good” and that the transition would take 6 years. Thousands of you from Stockholm to Sydney to Las Vegas to South Carolina slipped into the hour-and-a-half multimedia time-tunnel in which I illustrated the arc of society’s 40-year pendulum. Thousands more of you have seen one of my partners make the same presentation.

    That 6-year transition is ended; we’re now living solidly in the upswing of a Civic cycle."

    Roy H. Williams’ Monday Morning Memo (

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  2. Robin Williams: In Looking For Laughs, ‘You Have To Be Deeply Honest’ : NPR

    The comedian and actor died Monday at age 63. In 2006, Williams spoke with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross about improvising, his training and how people expected him to act crazy.

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  3. Google CEO Cuts Vacation Short To Deal With Crisis Over Diversity Memo : All Tech Considered : NPR

    CEO Sundar Pichai says that he supported the right of workers to express themselves but that a senior engineer’s memo had gone too far. The memo’s author says he is weighing legal action.

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  4. Sociology Podcast #1: The Future of Publishing | Sociology Editors Forum 2010

    Philip Carpenter, Managing Director of Social Sciences and Humanities at Wiley-Blackwell, on the future of sociology publishing. In this podcast, Philip discusses where research and readership will come from, what tagging and classification will mean for the discoverability of articles, and how open access will affect sociology publishing

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