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  1. G’Day World - Interview with Vernor Vinge

    Today I had the fortune to chat with another living legend - Vernor Vinge (pronounced “vin-jee” as in, he explained off air, “stingy”). While VV may not have the public profile of a William Gibson or Neal Stephenson, in geek circles no SF author carries more respect. Why is it so?

    His latest novel, RAINBOWS END, is a masterpiece of near-future Sci-Fi which explores the world circa 2025. Marc Andreessen called it “the clearest and most plausible extrapolation of modern technology trends forward to the year 2025 that you can imagine.”

    —Huffduffed by Jorge

  2. KQED Forum - Futurist Paul Saffo

    What new technological developments will change our lives in the months and years ahead? This New Year’s Eve, we talk with noted futurist and technology forecaster Paul Saffo. Saffo is consulting associate professor of engineering at Stanford University and a distinguished visiting scholar at Stanford Media X research network.

    —Huffduffed by Jorge

  3. David Orban - Spimes (Part 1)

    David Orban (futurist, speaker and business executive) is today’s featured guest.

    The Internet is big and still growing. How it grows and where it grows changes with time. During the next few years one of its massive growth spurts will be into devices that are not physically connected to the net. This transition has already begun. It is moving into the billions of cell phones. But next will come other simpler objects, like shoes and clothes and toys and toasters.

    Spimes, some people call them. What are spimes? What are the benefits and dangers of this new Internet expansion? What will be the uses and misuses? How will spimes impact people’s lives? How will portions of the Internet migrate to this Spimey Network. David Orban covers all these topics as well as the backlash Walmart and Darman each received over their use of RFID chips in their products.

    —Huffduffed by Jorge

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