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  1. EF9: The Economics of the Blockchain and Digital Currencies with Christian Catalini

    Show notes:

    In this podcast we discuss the economics of the blockchain and digital cryptocurrencies. Our guest is Christian Catalini, Assistant Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. We begin the conversation by discussing the MIT Digital Currencies Research Study, which enabled the study of the determinants of the diffusion of bitcoin and the role of early adopters. We then transition to a discussion about what is different about the blockchain from an economics perspective. Specific subtopics include credential verification, micro payments, and smart contracts. We also discuss anonymity, pseudo-anonymity, and z-cash. Lastly, we speculate about possible government uses of cryptocurrencies.

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  2. An Audioblogging Manifesto (Idle Words)

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  3. Podcasting Has A Discoverability Problem. What Is Your Solution?” – The Podcast Report With Paul Colligan Episode #96

    Although I have been using Facebook since I launched my show nearly a year ago, I find that gaining listeners from it is extremely difficult.

    I’ve gone as far as buying ads, promoting posts etc and nothing was successful.

    Now, if we look at Twitter, it’s amazing.

    My numbers increased exponentially after I started really working Twitter.

    But, you can’t have nor expect others to find you on either medium.

    For example, I’m faced with a similar challenge on another social media platform.

    I just launched an Instagram page, but I don’t have the first clue on how to use it, find followers or even interact on it.

    Granted, I’ll be watching Youtube vids, but to just post and hope for the best doesn’t work.

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