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  1. WHAT IS LIFE? #29 Tim Freke and Forrest Landry – The Freke Show – Podcast – Podtail

    During my conversation in this series with Daniel Schmachtenberger, he reccommended I talk with Forrest Landry … so I have done just that. This episode is definitely for philosophy geeks because I ask… – Listen to WHAT IS LIFE? #29 Tim Freke and Forrest Landry by The Freke Show instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads needed.

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  2. #283 | Design Pathway: Cultivating The Mindset Of Regeneration w/ Joe Brewer

    [Intro: 14:13 | AMA 1/15:]

    Joe Brewer — change strategist, complexity researcher, and cognitive scientist — returns to the podcast to update us on the regenerative land restoration work he and his family have been engaged in since we spoke early last year. This discussion includes themes elaborated on in his new book ‘The Design Pathway’ published on the Earth Regenerators website, as well as what it means to be "future indigenous" in our time of biospheric collapse, and the near and long-term goals of the Barichara Regeneration Fund. 

    Joe has a background in physics, math, philosophy, atmospheric science, complexity research, and cognitive linguistics. Awakened to the threat of human-induced climate disruption while pursuing a Ph.D. in atmospheric science, he switched fields and began to work with scholars in the behavioral and cognitive sciences with the hope of helping create large-scale behavior change at the level of global civilization. Joe and his family currently live in Barichara, Colombia.

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  3. Episode 94: The New Age to QAnon Pipeline

    Three instagram influencers and their descent into QAnon.


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  4. Health Hacker f(x) - Daniel Schmachtenberger - Holistic Perspective on Human Thriving

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    Why Western medicine excels at acute injury treatment

    How Daniel self-diagnosed (and treated!) his autoimmune condition

    Tools and tactics to captain your own recovery!

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  5. Keynote Cory Doctorow

    The 13th HOPE conference is currently under way from July 25th to August 2nd, 2020. H.O.P.E. stands for Hackers On Planet Earth, one of the most creative and diverse hacker events in the world.

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