Dr. Peter Attia Zero Q+A | Part I

Our CEO, Mike Maser, is chatting through all of your top fasting questions with Dr. Peter Attia, a physician focused on the applied science of longevity. We’re diving into questions involving breaking your fast, the best foods to fuel your fasts, and more in this video. For info on Q+A topics like ketosis and the impact of fasting on sleep, hormones, and metabolism, head to the Learn section of the Zero app to check out Part II of this interview.

Disclaimer: The answers shared in this video should not be taken as medical advice. These opinions are not meant to inform the health decisions you make for yourself. As always, you should consult with your doctor before making any lifestyle changes that will affect your health.


1:51 Does black coffee or herbal tea break a fast?

6:54 What is the difference between time-restricted eating and fasting?

8:56 What is the best type of food to break a fast with? Also, what is the best food to consume before entering a fast?

13:45 Do medications, vitamins, or supplements break your fast? If not, do they affect autophagy?

17:39 What types of foods, in terms of macro/micro nutrition, are best to eat after fasting to avoid blood sugar spikes?

21:01 How long does it take for your body to enter autophagy during a fast? How many…

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