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  1. Angela Usher Interview (Banjo, whistle, tenor guitar)

    Tin whistle with Marian Egan (Flannery) in Hulme. Touring New Zealand and Australia. First banjos and joining Curragh. Toss the Feathers and choosing work over the road. The social side of learning. Joe and Jack Cooley and the lost tapes from America. The Love of Lucia, Kitty’s Twelve Roses and The Gort Mile.

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  2. The Infinity Podcast: We’re Back: A Superman & Wanda Story

    On the latest and greatest Infinity Podcast, we’re talking WandaVision and Superman & Lois! The gang explores how two different shows are tackling identity and truth, but also discussing stripping dinos, how Friday Night Lights is influential, and how the last season of Lost might anticipate where WandaVision’s heading. It’s all here on “WE’RE BACK: A SUPERMAN & WANDA STORY.” Flourish!


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  3. The Long Conversation | #12 - Restful Reading

    After Rachel, Nathan, and Taylor provide a diverse array of reading recs for Dan’s in-home vacation, the TLC crew wonders: why do we read what we read—and why should we change it up sometimes? Topics include: the value of reading fiction as a nonfiction writer, alternative definitions of those two genres, and why "restful reading" transcends genre altogether, and is something we should all be looking to do this week, vacation or not.

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  4. Newt’s World Episode 203: Stephen Miller on Advising Trump | Newt Gingrich | Gingrich 360

    In his first long form interview since leaving his position as senior advisor to President Donald J. Trump, Stephen Miller talks with Newt about his journey to conservativism, his career in Washington politics and his time serving in the White House.

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  5. Episode 131: Do You Believe In Q After Trump?

    Ventura, California. Covid denialists, MAGA dead-enders, religious extremists, Q supporters and a live Jazz band gathered outdoors to "Recall Gavin Newsom". Travis View was on the scene. So was RSBN, a pro-Trump network having issues with Judy Mikovitz of "Plandemic" 1 & 2 infamy — how were they supposed to broadcast her speech without getting banned from Youtube for the medical misinformation it contained?


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  6. We’re Not So Different | Comparative Medieval Religion

    Luke and Eleanor are back to start a series on religion in the Middle Ages. In this episode, we discuss the status of the major world religions at the beginning of the Medieval era, including the fall of Zoroastrianism and the rise of Islam. Our next few episodes will focus on Medieval religions specifically in this order:

    ep 5 - the Hegemony of the Catholic Church

    ep 6 - the Rise of Islam

    ep 7 - Judaism in the M.A.

    ep 8 - the Crusades

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