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  1. My Url Is

    My Url Is features a new guest every two weeks to talk about how they got involved with the IndieWeb and what hopes, goals and aspirations they have for the community and for their website. The guests are a combination of those both new to the IndieWeb and those who have helped build it from the beginning.

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  2. IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018

    Listen to a summary of all the sessions at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018!

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  3. My Url Is (Episode 3)

    Episode 3:

    In this episode Eddie interviews Greg McVerry. We talk about how Greg has used blogging and the IndieWeb as a professor, how his kids are an important part of what the IndieWeb means to him, his website woes and finally brainstorm how private groups could work on the IndieWeb.

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  4. RRR FM: Greening the Apocalypse - 20 November 2018 - Why this historian praises the burger, with Rachel Laudan

    Is Slow Food and organic produce an elitist form of status signalling? What’s so good about McDonalds?! And why do we need food waste? Food historian Rachel Laudan joins Adam Grubb and Sarah Coles to talk reasons why she thinks many in the ethical and sustainable food movements could use a little historical perspective, and it’s a fascinating and provocative discussion. See her

    critique of the Slow Food movement, and her award winning book 2013’s Cuisine and Empire: Cooking in World History for further reading.

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  5. These Are A Few Of My Favorite (Recent) Clips - Transom

    These Are A Few Of My Favorite (Recent) Clips - Transom

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  6. How Old is Fishing? - Brian Fagan #176 — Daniel Vitalis

    Brian Fagan — one of the world’s leading archaeological writers — is back

    on the show! Brian was born in England and studied archaeology at Pembroke

    College, Cambridge. He was Keeper of Prehistory at the Livingstone Museum

    (Zambia) and, during six years in Zambia and one in East Africa, was deeply

    involved in fieldwork on multidisciplinary African history and in monuments

    conservation. He was Professor of Anthropology at the University of

    California, Santa Barbara, from 1967 to 2004, when he became Emeritus. He

    is regarded as one of the world’s leading archaeological and historical

    writers and is a widely respected popular lecturer about the past.

    In this episode, Brian talks to us about his latest book Fishing: How the

    Sea Fed Civilization and shares the fascinating insights he uncovered on

    the history of fishing. In his research, he found that fishing (for

    sustenance, not sport) rivaled agriculture in its importance to

    civilization. We discuss the historical timeline of fishing, early fishing

    equipment and how fishing became a commodity. Brian also shares his

    thoughts on the future of wild fisheries and the ocean ecosystem. Enjoy!

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  7. Samin Nosrat — Master Creative, Master Teacher (#339) | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

    "Things that caused me so much pain and confusion as a kid ended up being really wonderful tools in my work." — Samin Nosrat Samin Nosrat (@ciaosamin) is a writer, chef, and teacher who is masterful at turning complexity into simplicity.

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  8. Micro Monday - Episode 34: Daniel Jalkut aka @danielpunkass

    On this week’s episode, Jean chats with Daniel Jalkut, the developer of MarsEdit, the blogging editor for Mac. As co-host with Manton on the Core Intuition podcast for 10 years (🎉), Daniel has had a front-row seat at’s inception and evolution. We examine the multifaceted nature of, its dual nature as a business and a mission, and how we are still figuring where to put our social media energies.

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  9. The Signal: 12.13.13 | WYPR

    The second season of HBO’s “The Wire” focused on the Baltimore waterfront and the men and women who worked there.

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  10. The Linotype Machine, Magma-Bond, Nancy Heneson, Betsy Boyd, and Alan Resnick | WYPR

    The linotype machine astounds the world; Aric Wanveer invents Magma-Bond; Betsy Boyd gets pregnant; Nancy Heneson recalls a death in the family; and Alan

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