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  1. 020 Brennan Dunn | When You SPECIALIZE in Solving a Problem Everything Changes

    The title says it all…focus on solving the REAL problem  your clients have and it will change how you sell, how you calculate pricing and the results you get for your clients. Brennan Dunn is a developer that has learned this over the years and now he clearly understands his niche and offers them a variety of services/products to build a very successful business for himself. Oh yes and did I mention he does all this working about 25 hours a week? This episode is invaluable if you are a web designer, freelancer, consultant or even another coach. Listen in to get the full interview.

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    Brennan’s Target Audience:  Brennan’s target audience is a freelancer who wants to be his or her own boss but soon realizes they need to sell, negotiate and manage a company. They also realize they don’t know how to do anything of those things, so they turn to him. He teaches people the business of freelancing and consulting. 

    TWEET THIS: “I have a lot of different ways I am able to serve people.” ~Brennan Dunn

    Brennan Dunn went from being an at-home freelancer to running a full-time agency with 11 employees and clients all over the world. As his company continued to grow, he was spending less time at home with his family which was where he really wanted to be. So he sold his business and created products based on what he knew.

    TWEET THIS: "Niching is how you position yourself against a problem.” ~ Brennan Dunn

    His products sold so well that people began to ask him for information on how to do what he had done and was doing. He saw a niche open up: how to help other freelancers grow and manage their businesses.

    Brennan now teaches others how to grow their business and how to see themselves not as a commodity, but as a solutions-provider. He believes when you focus on giving results and solving problems for a particular group of people, your demand will increase and your company will grow. Your skill set and experience will also grow, which can lead to another opening: selling your own products.

    He says, “…the easiest way to create a product is to do everything manually first.” An example he gives is providing chiropractors with web sites that help them generate more leads and more clients. Once you know how to do so, you can apply that knowledge to writing an ebook or creating a video course, etc.  With your ultimate goal being to have money coming in to you, even when you aren’t working.

    TWEET THIS: "To make more money and be in higher demand, it's better to specialize in a few things." ~ Brennan Dunn

    In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

    Why being a low-risk investment for your potential client is a good thing.

    How he niched his business for different industries.

    Why it’s just a race to the bottom if you are a generalist.

    What’s the biggest epiphany he had running while his company: what is it and why it matters to you.

    How he has gone from charging $50 per hour to $250 per hour… and it isn’t because he has 5x as much experience!

    The one word that is the reason behind people’s fee structures.

    Value-based pricing: what is it and how can you use it to benefit your business?

    Brennan shares the fears he faced when he first began selling his own products.

    TWEET THIS: "People are paying me to solve a problem, not because I'm a good designer.” ~Brennan Dunn

    Practical & Actionable (at 29:50):

    Brennan has this advice about finding your target audience; ask yourself the following questions: who has paid me in the past? And why? What do I enjoy working on?

    Brennan says to find what you love to do and then think of how you can provide value to other people who are looking for the experience and the skills that you have and provide that value in a more general way. Once you do that, you will have painted a clearer picture of your niche and your target market.


    Brennan’s web site

    Brennan on Twitter

    Jennifer Bourn, episode 11

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  2. Phil Hawksworth: Excessive Enhancement - Are We Taking Proper Care of the Web? (Full Frontal Conference 2011)


    We all love to see exciting and innovative "interface shizzle" driven by JavaScript and the ever increasing rendering capabilities of modern browsers, but are we getting these at the expense of the Web? This talk will explore the good, the bad, and the fugly of rich interfaces, while examining how and why we should take care not to damage the Web.

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  3. Glenn Jones: Beyond the Page (Full Frontal Conference 2011)


    The latest browser APIs now make it possible to redesign how your web pages interact with other applications. Web pages are too often little islands that fail to play well with the wider user interfaces of our devices. This talk will explore the possibilities from Drag and Drop to Web Intents, demonstrating how to make web pages more equal in the world of applications.

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