Coronavirus Critical Care Update - January 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted scientists to use adaptive research designs to evaluate potential treatments simultaneously and efficiently, increasing the likelihood that patients will receive treatments most likely to be effective for them. Lennie Derde, MD of @UMC Utrecht and Chris Seymour, MD of @UPMC join JAMA’s Q&A series to discuss the latest in critical care management of COVID-19 patients and emerging treatment strategies and therapies.

Originally broadcast January 13, 2021

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Topics discussed in this interview: 0:00 Introduction 1:07 COVID-19 in Utrecht, Netherlands 2:43 COVID-19 in Pittsburgh, PA 3:43 Current standards of care for critically ill patients 6:10 Ventilator use and intubation concerns 8:36 Interleukin-6 receptor antagonists in critically ill patients with COVID-19 10:10 Usage of sarilumab and ticilizumab 13:32 Usage of anticoagulants and concerns 16:31 Mitigating patient transfer to ICU 19:23 Convalescent plasma 19:56 Diffe…

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