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  1. The Business Case for a Center of Excellence

    Decision support systems only provide value if organizations know how to use them… and then use them. This is the goal of a Center of Excellence: to help individuals and organizations learn how to effectively design, use and maintain the components of an effective Information Management program. Tune into this episode of DM Radio to learn from industry expert Jill Dyche of Baseline Consulting, as well as David Lyle of Informatica and a special guest. Attendees will learn: How to design a Center of Excellence; Who should work for a Center of Excellence; What a center should not do; How to sell the concept to senior management.

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  2. DM Radio: How to Design Intuitive Self-Service BI with Guard Rails

    Help yourself! That's the guiding principle of self-service BI. But most business professionals are not developers, nor are they proficient data integrators. This means that the interface used by a business user to perform so-called self-service BI must be very well designed, intuitive and interactive. As one expert noted, creating that kind of simplicity can be quite complex! How can your company build effective self-service systems?

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