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  1. Web Fonts Roundtable

    Audio from the New York Web Fonts Roundtable

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  2. Cure for the Common Font — A Web Designer’s Introduction to Typeface Selection

    Now that web designers suddenly face the challenge (and delight) of choosing fonts from an ever-growing selection, we thought it’s a good time to recommend some basic principles for making wise type choices.

    • Stephen Coles
    • Jason Santa Maria
    • Tiffany Wardle
    • Frank Chimero

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  3. Typography’s not on the Web, it IS the Web

    Mark Boulton at The Future of Web Design in London.

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  4. Jason Santa Maria on Read Between The Leading

    This week on the show we were joined by web and graphic designer Jason Santa Maria. We got a chance to talk to Jason about his work at Happy Cog, his personal work, projects like the Wordpress admin, the differences in designing for print and web, and we got to ask him some listener questions.

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  5. Facing up to Fonts

    Browser support for the typographical aspects of CSS is gradually increasing. Things are on the up.

    Richard will be trouncing the myth of web-safe fonts, demonstrating how to go beyond bold, detailing the technicalities of font embedding and exploring the commercial and ethical minefield therein.

    The introduction of font embedding in particular is a long-awaited step in the right direction. However it brings with it a host of complications; technical, ethical and aesthetic.

    This session will explain all.

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  6. Webstock 08: Dan Cederholm - More ‘WOW’ please

    At Webstock 2008, Dan Cederholm discussed some of the details on the Web that personally “wow” him and why.

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