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  1. Hanselminutes Podcast 160 - JavaFX and the Web’s Four Virtual Machines

    My one-hundred-and-sixtieth podcast is up. In this episode Scott talks to Joshua Marinacci from Sun, a Staff Engineer working on JavaFX. JavaFX, along with Flash and Silverlight battle to be The VM for the Web. We chat about how JavaFX approaches things and muse on who will win the web.

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  2. Hanselminutes Podcast 152 - Code Generation and T4 with Kathleen Dollard

    My one-hundred-and-fifty-second podcast is up. Scott chats with Kathleen Dollard about the past and the future of Code Generation. Scott’s infatuated with T4, but does it have a future?

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  3. Hanselminutes Podcast 150 - Uncle Bob Martin, this time with feeling

    My one-hundred-and-fiftieth podcast is up. He’s back! And he’s pissed! (Not really) RWendi has a review and commentary of the past view week’s goings on around Uncle Bob, Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood, sparked by Uncle Bob’s discussion of SOLID on show number 145. There’s also a breakdown at InfoQ.

    In this NEW episode, Scott sits down with Robert C. Martin as Uncle Bob (@unclebobmartin) tries to put the SOLID commandments principle into some perspective.

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