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  1. Guests: Ron Reagan and Lodi activist Karen Buchanan

    Topics: "Unabashed atheist" Ron Reagan, host of Air America’s Ron Reagan Show, is back for a new interview as a preview to his appearance at FFRF’s 32nd annual FFRF convention in Seattle in November. Also featured: an interview with Foundation member Karen Buchanan, the original complainant in FFRF’s request to the city council of Lodi, Calif., to drop prayers. That request has set off months of controversy and Karen talks about her dismay at the Council’s 5-0 vote in October to continue "uncensored prayer."

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  2. Guest: Joan Konner, ed., The Atheist Bible

    Irreverent thoughts and thinkers will be featured this week. The August Freethinkers Almanac will highlight the contributions of famous unbelievers born in the month of August, many of whom are quoted in award-winning journalist Joan Konner’s charming book, "The Atheist Bible: An Illustrious Collection of Irreverent Thoughts." Konner is dean emerita of the Columbia Gradutate school of Journalism and will also explain why she felt "inspired" to compile this collection of provocative, sage and humorous quotations.

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  3. Guest: Sci Fi Author Ben Bova

    The interview will feature distinguished and very charming science fiction and nonfiction author, the much-honored Ben Bova, an unbeliever. The hosts talk about FFRF’s exciting new lawsuit filed this week, challenging Congressional mandates to engrave "In God We Trust" and the religious Pledge of Allegiance at the new Capitol Visitor’s Center (through which everyone visiting the Capitol or their members of Congress must pass). They also talk about the Christian fundamentalist prayer delivered on behalf of the United States at the D-Day commemoration last month in France, and complaints made to Secretary of Defense Gates and President Obama.

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  4. Freethought Radio : Guest: Ellie Strote

    Subject: Escape from Polygamy

    Freethought Radio will talk about some theocratic incursions, including a recent "morality" proclamation by an Oklahoma representative, and will play CNN TV coverage of FFRF’s complaint over a prayer station in Warren, Mich. Interviewed will be Foundation member Ellie Strote, who will talk about growing up in a polygamous FLDS community, getting married an 15 and making her escape at age 18.

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  5. Show 309: Humanism and Marriage — The ETFF Pride Weekend Edition

    It was Pride weekend and this show aired mere hours after NYC’s world famous Pride Parade, celebrating the rights and accomplishments of the GLBT Community.

    “For years the issue of same-sex marriage has electrified the political landscape. But is marriage a religious institution? And if so, should the government be granting privileges to any couples? Or does marriage benefit civic society, and is it wrong to let religious objections keep certain couples from participating?

    Also, is marriage a humanist institution?

    Join your host Michael O’Neil as we review this issue and take your calls on Equal Time For Freethought!”

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  6. Show 304: PLAY With Stuart Brown MD With Bonus Material!

    Michael O’Neil interviews Stuart Brown, MD about his book Play: How It Shapes The Brain, Opens The Imagination, and Invigorates The Soul. Stuart is the founder of the National Institute For Play, supporting research on play as a biological drive in nature and an essential component of society and personal development.

    What is play?

    Why does a Humanist movement need play?

    What is a play history and what is your play personality?

    Stuart Brown, M.D. is a medical doctor, psychiatrist, clinical researcher, and the founder of the National Institute for Play. He speaks regularly to Fortune 500 companies and groups across the country on the importance of play in our lives. Most recently, he appeared at the New York Public Library. The producer of a three-part PBS series, The Promise of Play, he has also appeared on NPR and was featured in a cover story in The New York Times Magazine.

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  7. Show 302: The Best Church of God! from Equal Time For Freethought by Barry

    The Best Church of God!

    Without church, many have asked for more community and fun in the atheist and freethinking community. This void is being filled in a unique and hilarious way by the Chicago based satirical performance group, “The Best Church of God.” Join us for performance sketches and an interview by Sunsara Taylor with cast members of the group.

    From the Best Church of God website:

    “Historians will say the Best Church of God was founded in early 2008. The truth is, the BCOG started some 6,000 years ago when the Almighty created the earth (see the book of Genesis for accurate, irrefutable details). And while we are not the first to worship, fear, and consume the Lord, we are the first to do it correctly.

    “We are a unique denomination of Christ-followers who believe in the absolute, literal, and unerring word of the Bible as set forth in the original English. The Lord has chosen the Best Church of God as His only official assembly of worship. Being the true Crusaders for Christ, we will stop at nothing to prove to the unbelievers that true faith requires no proof, convert the sinners to the morality only Christianity can provide, and smite those who stand in the way our blessed mission. In the war of religions, God is only on one side: ours. He told us so.”

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  8. Equal Time for Free Thought : Show 300: One-Hour Easter Day Special w/Arnell Dowret

    One-Hour Easter Day Special w/Arnell Dowret

    This Easter our basket truly overflowith as we examine…

    Naturalistic Christianity, or “Everybody Else Does It So Why Can’t We?”

    Is it possible that there can be completely naturalistic approach to being a Christian? This Easter we’ll be taking your calls to hear your views on this question.

    We’ll also be featuring a special rebroadcast of what, to date, is the last known public debate between Jesus Christ and the Easter Bunny - recorded just months before the Bunny tragically contracted Type-2 Genital Herpes, and loath to pass it on, voluntarily went into seclusion

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  9. Guest: Paul Ehrlich from Freethought Radio

    Stanford Prof. Paul Ehrlich, best-known for his Population Bomb bestseller, will talk about current overpopulation concerns and his latest book, The Dominant Animal: Human Evolution and the Environment. The hosts will also discuss FFRF’s federal challenge of the National Day of Prayer, and commemorate the birthdate of irreverent lyricist E.Y. "Yip" Harburg.

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  10. Show 297: Ellery Schempp from Equal Time For Freethought

    “Upholding the Separation of Church and State” w/ Special Guest Ellery Schempp

    One of the most important topics for secularists and humanists is the separation of church and state. But it is important for all Americans because it prevents any one particular religion from taking control of the country. As we have seen however, church and state is not always kept separate. Luckily, we have individuals such as Ellery Schempp to defend the Establishment Claus of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    Tonight, ETFF’s new edition, Matthew LaClair, will be interviewing Dr. Schempp, who was the primary student involved in the landmark Supreme Court case Abington School District v. Schempp in 1963 which declared that forced Bible reading in public schools was unconstitutional. Dr. Schempp, a physicist by trade, is also subject of the book, Ellery’s Protest: How One Young Man Defied Tradition and Sparked the Battle over School Prayer, by Stephen D. Solomon.

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