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  1. Foundation X – Skitty’s New Label

    Midlands stalwart Skitty is very soon to launch a new label called Foundation X. Theres not much information around yet but the press rlease went like this:

    “Foundation X is the new digital dnb label set up by Skitty. The name foundation X relates to the roots or foundations of the drum n bass sound that are now becoming harder and harder to find amongst the more modern polished and over maximised sounds more present within the scene today. Foundation X will be THE home for the more organic,raw round the edges,sample based dnb.”

    Eventually music will be available from Foundation X’s download shop on the ever popular ithinkmusic network. All they need now is a s0und cloud account and they will be raring to go. Oh yeah and some releases. Over at Skitty’s myspace page there are a few tunes that will be making an appearance on this new label at some point, hopefully soon.

    Skitty has also put together a promo mix, made up mostly from forth coming Foundation X releases.

    Tracklist 1.Skitty – Ya Rude – Foundation X 2.Digital – Redhead – Function 3.Skitty – Firetown – Foundation X 4.Morphy – Gunz – Foundation X 5.Loxy & Ink – Artical – Foundation X 6.Double O – Babylon – Foundation X 7.Skitty – Principal – Foundation X 8.Digital – Gateman – Function 9.Skitty – Bad it up – Foundation X 10.Nolige – Fallout – Foundation X 11.Nasty Habits – drumz – (Skitty’s as Natty as i wanna be relick) 12.Equinox – Kill A Sound – Foundation X 13.Morphy – Dead man tell no tales – Offkey 14.King Tubby – Satta. 15.Aswad – Hey Jah Children.

    —Huffduffed by norelpref