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  1. “Denialism and the Whitecoat Underground” Atheists Talk #062 March 22, 2009

    Skepticism is generally a healthy thing. Requiring evidence and questioning other people’s claims can help us avoid falling prey to quacks and con artists of all stripes. It can keep us from throwing our time, money and hope into a pit from which we can never get it back. However, the tools of skepticism, like…

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  2. Eugenie Scott - Evolution, Skepticism and Atheism | For Good Reason

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  3. Caustic Soda: Ghosts

    Toren, Joe, and Kevin are joined by Ghostbusters expert Chris "" Stewart for a look at the spiritual remains of the dearly departed: Ghosts! Includes classification and scientific explanation of ghosts, ghosts and the law, ghost hunters who came to an untimely end, The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, plus ghosts in film and comics.

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  4. Max and John C. Wright’s Escape from Atheism

    Support our work on Two ex-atheists, one philosopher and one not, talk about the weirdness that is "Skepticism" and "Rationalism" and "Modern Atheism."

    Support John C. Wright and his family by visiting his blog here:

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  5. The Non-Prophets 8.7

    12 Steps, Lectures and debates, e-mail, spoon-to-fork guy

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  6. The Non-Prophets 8.7

    12 Steps, Lectures and debates, e-mail, spoon-to-fork guy

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  7. The Non-Prophets 8.12

    TAM7 wrap-up (Thanks!!!), Texas SBOE, theistic skeptics, Francis Collins and the NIH

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  8. The Non-Prophets 8.8

    More mail and news…

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  9. How to Make Skepticism Commercial


    7/21/2009 - The message of skepticism and critical thinking is the opposite of what people want to buy, since we’re not promising impossibly easy answers to real problems. To spread our message, we have to make it commercially desirable. How can we make skepticism commercial? The answer is simple, but fair warning: It requires a lot of hard work.


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  10. The Non-Prophets 8.3

    Breast feeding, Italy’s Terri Shiavo, It’s good to be unemployed?, Hindus who hate lovers, email

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